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The Proctor Nordic Team is a highly spirited, closely-knit team of motivated athletes, ranging from first-timers to developing varsity skiers, to top regional and national competitors. We are committed to training each young skier to reach his or her greatest potential, while having a supportive and exciting team experience. We are also committed to skiing as a life sport and lifestyle. The 2012 season was the exciting culmination of growth for a small band of Proctor skiers who had trained together for several years. During their time on the Proctor Ski Team they had not only skied the school races and Eastern Cups and other regional races, but had coached local youngsters each week, skied at the US Senior National Championships, the 100-mile Canadian Ski Marathon, and the Norwegian Birkebeiner Marathon. The season ended with the league’s top female skier, and the boys' team as Lakes Region Champions, beating out our long term rivals Holderness and recent nordic powerhouse St.Paul’s. Two Proctor skiers qualified for Junior National Championships, and two qualified for the Eastern HS Championships. Hopefully they have moved on to a lifetime of Nordic Skiing! The 2013 season brings us a terrific group of new beginning skiers who have already formed a wonderfully spirited team. We enjoyed a preseason camp in Canada, and are making the best with a thin snow year, making remarkable progress. Check out the highlights below to follow the progress of our new generation of skiers!
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