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The Varsity Tennis program at Proctor Academy competes in the Lakes Region league against common foes New Hampton School, Brewster Academy, Tilton School, Vermont Academy, Holderness School, and Kimball Union Academy as well as other regional opponents. With ten high quality courts on campus, athletes are able to spend much time practicing and competing during the spring months.

This year's Varsity Boys’ Tennis team was unique in its camaraderie and skill level. With a strong top of the ladder and exceptional depth, we played everyone tough. We finished the season with a .500 record, but had we not been rained out five times, we might have realized one of our best seasons in recent memory. More importantly, this team seemed to savor nearly every moment and every match opportunity. We say good-bye to old friends Jackson Bicknell, David Cho, and Mackin Brinegar, and wish them the best in all their future pursuits.
Mansfield’s progress this year has been nothing short of astounding. In a team vote he outpaced similarly qualified candidates like Will Moss and Hunter Hewig. In Mansfield's case, no one really expected his athleticism to be transferred so quickly and properly to his tennis game. Mansfield added to our team chemistry with his infectious sense of humor. For many reasons, Mansfield was a welcome addition to the team.
Jack’s passion for the game of tennis is unmatched on our team, and perhaps in the league. As the #1 player who also owns the best win/loss percentage on the team, Jack is the choice for MVP. During a recent loss, the team was searching for answers and realized that the difference was the absence of our team-selected MVP who was out with a recent injury.
4/6/11 | 3:00 PM | AWAY
4/9/11 | 4:00 PM | HOME
 W 5-4
VS Brewster Academy
4/13/11 | 3:00 PM | HOME
VS Dublin School
4/16/11 | 2:30 PM | HOME
 W 6-3
VS Vermont Academy
4/20/11 | 2:00 PM | AWAY
4/23/11 | 2:00 PM | HOME
VS Kimball Union Academy
4/27/11 | 2:00 PM | HOME
 W 5-4
VS Tilton School
4/30/11 | 2:00 PM | HOME
 L 4-5
VS Berwick Academy
5/4/11 | 2:00 PM | AWAY
5/6/11 | 5:00 PM | AWAY
 W 6-3
5/7/11 | 3:00 PM | HOME
 L 3-6
VS Holderness School
5/9/11 | 4:00 PM | AWAY
5/11/11 | 1:30 PM | AWAY
 L 2-7
5/14/11 | 1:30 PM | HOME
 L 4-5
5/18/11 | 2:30 PM | AWAY
5/21/11 | 1:00 PM | AWAY
@ New Hampton