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The 2012 Varsity Softball team found as much success that is allowed by spring sports at Proctor Academy: Undefeated Lakes Region Champions! Led by senior standouts Allie O’Sullivan, Jess George, and Sam Pion, the Hornets outscored their opponents 169 to 46. Though they allowed very few errors this season, it was their incredible team-effort offense that oppressed their opponents. Our team highlight was celebrating our first win against Tilton in several years. Though Proctor had a comfortable cushion going into the top of the 7th, Tilton’s offense started spraying hits everywhere and creating opportunities. However, Allie O’Sullivan, who pitches close to every pitch of every game, closed out the inning with poise and focus.
The Lady Hornets look forward to next year and will find challenges replacing our outstanding pitcher Allie O’Sullivan, Hoover vacuum first baseman Jessica George, and our stellar short stop Sam Pion. Proctor worked hard and achieved greatness – the coaching staff could not be more proud of their efforts. They will look to rising seniors for continued leadership and experience: Kayla Harris, Michelle Holmes, Colby Rymes, Allie Folcik, and Cheka Ventura. Cheka came through for the team on several occasions being the ‘jack of all trades.’ Some games she was the rock in the outfield, the general while pitching, or even in the hot seat as shortstop. In addition, we hope they will be joined again by Brooke Ellis, Elemy Colome, Alicia Barry, Hannah Tracy, as well as a couple of promising recruits.

This year the team elected Jess George, 1st base, as the team’s MVP. Jess has dedicated four years of workouts and time to playing softball for the Hornets. Though she is incredible at first base and works hard to make everyone’s throws look great, it is her offense (OB% .681 with 2 home-runs) that remained consistent throughout the season. We will find it incredibly difficult to replace Jess next year, but wish her the best of luck at Johnson and Wales.

The team elected Hannah Tracy as the team’s MIP. Hannah came to us having never played the game and quickly picked up many of the minute details of strategy. We were all impressed to watch her batting and confidence improve, and were astounded at how she naturally tracked the ball in the outfield. Despite the several bruises she accrued throughout the season, Hannah always sacrificed her body to keep the ball in front. Thank you, Hannah, for all your hard work and dedication!

Proctor Academy Parent Association (PAPA) Team Coordinator:
Lynn George - lynng@proctornet.com 

Proctor Wins Its Opener
Our competition against Brewster was lively!  The team found confidence in their batting and hit aggressively.  Many players were challenged by the coaches to try new techniques at bat.  Michelle Holmes and Allie Folcik both had 4 RBI's and provided excellent defense in the field.  Our pitchers were consistent and accurate all day long. Our team captains Jess George '12 and Allie O'Sullivan '12 lead the team to our first victory.   Elemy Colome '15 had the fans going wild with her rocket launch deep into left field and her amazing base running which got her out of a classic "pickle" !! We were all impressed by Brewster's amazing game ending double play! 
We hope to utilize all of our best practices as we travel to the Capital City to take on St. Paul's School on Saturday!
4/7/12 | 2:30 PM | AWAY
4/11/12 | 3:30 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 25-0
VS Brewster Academy
4/14/12 | 3:00 PM | AWAY
 L 9-3
4/18/12 | 3:30 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 11-8
VS Tilton School
4/21/12 | 3:30 PM | AWAY
 W 11-0
4/25/12 | 2:00 PM | AWAY
@ Plymouth State University
 W 22-4
4/28/12 | 3:30 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 11-1
VS New Hampton School
5/2/12 | 2:30 PM | AWAY
 W 8-3
5/5/12 | 2:00 PM | AWAY
 W 22-7
5/9/12 | 2:00 PM | AWAY
 W 8-5
5/12/12 | 4:00 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 18-3
VS Vermont Academy
5/16/12 | 3:30 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 10-0
VS Kimball Union Academy
5/19/12 | 2:30 PM | HOME
@ Andover Elementary/Middle School
 W 20-6
VS Holderness School
5/23/12 | 3:00 PM | AWAY