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Events Happen!
What we call "events" bring together folks who have only one thing in common: a relationship with the school. This week featured several events, starting Saturday at 4:30, with the ceremonial ribbon-cutting that celebrated the opening of a new athletic facility attached to the south face of Teddy Maloney '88 Rink. 


onstruction of this three-season complex--featuring six locker rooms and shower facilities for home and visiting teams as well as coaches and officials--is both a completion and a start. It is the termination of a commitment we made when Teddy Maloney (a hockey goalie who was Captain of the '88 squad) lost his life in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers, September 11, 2001.

Teddy's mother, father, wife and children attended this celebration of both a facility and man. 


t the proceedings, Clark Wallach's '11 mom spoke of the sense of responsibility we feel for cherished institutions such as Proctor; (the Wallachs stimulated this project with a generous challenge pledge.) Trustee Katie Kidder '91 (second from right)--who spearheaded construction of the rink after Teddy's death--joined Gregor Mackechnie, the Wallachs and Mike Henriques for the photo-op. In his remarks, Gregor noted that the facility facilitates relationships.


oments later, approximately four hundred friends of Proctor--including townspeople--descended on Proctor Ski Area for the sixth annual celebration of that facility. This event has quickly become a tradition, and the tradition is not going to die, due to our commitment to maintaining this gem of a facility.


s Mike notes in a recent article, this place deserves all the recognition we can give it. "Over 30 programs utilize the facility. We have our own teams (five of them), surrounding high school teams, college teams, after school programs from Andover Elementary Middle School, and a town recreation program using the hill throughout the winter. We host jumping meets, Nordic events, collegiate carnivals, masters' races, FIS races, and a host of USSA events. This hill--this small area in central New Hampshire--is doing more for snow sports--vertical foot for vertical foot--than any other mountain in New Hampshire. Period."

The image below depicts the hill with two iconic logos projected on the slopes from a distance, and the start of the torchlight parade, with sulfuric smoke illuminated by the torches below.


yan was near the head of the torchlight parade!


Parent volunteers dispensed hot soups and other hearty fare in a packed Yarrow's Lodge.



Current students hanging out in the lodge.


Meanwhile, we held two highly successful events in California this week. Here, Whit Shenk '91 and Corby Leith '92 become recquainted.


And here is Zach Zimmerman '03, only moments before breaking bones in his foot on a (cemented) trash receptical at the corner of Townsend and 2nd. If you're looking for a DJ in the Bay Area, Zack's the man.


hanks to Lindsey Allenby and Dave Pilla for contributing photos from the rink ceremony and ski area event!
A basket of Proctor pucks!
Mike speaks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Teddy's advisor, Karl Methven, connects with Teddy's mother, Sally Maloney.
Teddy's parents, back for a special moment at Teddy Maloney Rink.
A tike gets whisked up the hill on the O'Connor lift.
Members of the Class of 2011 are back with current students!
Jay, Jane '88 and Jake '14 Hubbard enjoy the night.
Brianna and Jamie are having fun.
Fires burning inside and out.
Keith Barrett '80 with Jon Cotton '98 at Tres in SanFrancisco.
When in Union Square, San Francisco, order the linguini and clams at Scala's.