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When the Wilkins Meeting House was designed in 2000, the decision was made to not include music studios in this facility. Today, a new recording studio is nearing completion, while the stone chapel is wholly renovated for music performance. What we have done is to further an existing tendency: the arts are physically spread across this village campus, symbolizing their integration into our lives.

The Meeting House features drama with two theaters and extensive support facilities. It also is home to dance.

In Slocumb Hall, (originally built as the village livery stable,) Caroline works on her dream-like canvas in an Arts Major program.

Grant and Sara are working on ceramics pieces for the dining room. The pizza is so tempting.....

Ninth graders in our health-and-sex-ed class work on self-portraits to explore self-image and esteem.

Jaelyn and Hunter recently had artwork accepted at the juried Friends of the Arts Regional Arts Council exhibit at Plymouth State College. Hunter's is a surreal, interplanetary digitized piece entitled "Scenic Route".


Andrew in the woodshop.
A recently broken arm doesn't keep Buckman from work on his cedar strip canoe in boatbuilding.
Who would expect Chi Chi to color inside the lines?
Math classes taught by Patty Pond and Lee Carvalho involve much artwork.
On tour with musicians from NYC, current parent Gil Gutierrez (right) entertains in the newly renovated chapel.