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This weekend, trustees, faculty and students dedicated the new recording studio. Certainly the finest teaching studio of its kind, the facility is a building within a building: an accoustic marvel resting on thousands of rubber pads. Trustee Board co-Chairs Bill and Betsy Peabody asked us to consider all of the music that will be created in this space in the decades to come.

The recording studio was packed at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Many students came not for speeches, but to hear their favorite student rock band, Leshanski.


Following three rock tunes, the Proctor Octet sang Whittacre's This Marriage and Estevez's Mata del Anima Sola (Tree of the Lonely Soul) .

The Control Room is the technological nerve center of the new facility, with a computerized soundboard that looks like something out of a space shuttle.

Sound tech wizard Jared Coffin '06 shows off the equipment to a current parent.

Our talented kitchen crew's Grant Swados baked a cake representing the soundboard. As you can see, it was popular!



Trustees listen. From left, Sumner Rulon-Miller, Gwen Oppenheim, Carl Oppenheim and Chris Norris.
Mike Henriques spoke of the magical power of music in our lives.
Suddenly, it was time for music. At keyboards, Stephen Malinowski '08.
On guitar, Forrest Schwab '06.
Also on guitar and vocals, Alex Kelley '06.
Sam Herson '08 on drums.
Guitar, vocals and composition, Luke Hogan '06.
Accoustic panels feature thin, plastic baffles that absorb vibration.