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Spring Training Journal: Boys' Lax

Day 1 and 2: 
After about 24 hours in the hot sun of Florida, the guys of Proctor Lacrosse have been able to get three solid practices in.  After arriving at the Tampa airport from all over the States we had an under the lights practice from 7-9.  We were picking up our sticks and getting our feet back under us.  When we returned to the hotel (on the beach) 3d picked up pizza for all of the teams down here.  After the pizza, the first practice and a quick team meeting most of the guys were ready to get some shut eye around 1030.  Early to bed and early to rise, as we had 7 am breakfast and a couple practices beginning at 9 am.  During the two practices we added a couple rides and clears to our game plan.  We were also able to play a team favorite drill, basketball during our second session.  After the two practices we were able to get some rest and dinner before our final session of the day, a game against the Peddie School from New Jersey, which ended up in a 7-5 barn burner win for the good guys.  After a long day of lax, we need to get some rest tonight to get ready for another long day tomorrow! ~Patrick Shine '13

Day 3: 
Today was the team’s second full day here in Florida. We woke up expecting a sunny day, but instead we were greeted with rain. However, this didn’t seem to slow the team down. Despite the weather, everyone came out ready to play and improve. It is clear the team is already starting to click and real sense of family has already been born. Even though everyone is tired, bruised, and sore, the afternoon practice was filled with great intensity and effort. ~ Chandler Hoefle '13 (Note: the boys' trailed Northfield Mt. Hermon 6-2 at the halftime, but tied the game 7-7 in the fourth before falling by a final score of 10-7.) 

Day 4:
The relaxing day of the preseason trip was everything our team was expecting. Waking up it was a sunny cool day with no humidity due to the earlier rains. The bus ride to the fields was quiet and calm with everyone trying to regain much needed sleep. The morning consisted of stick-work and hammering away at the basics of our rides and clears as well as our offensive and defensive schemes. The rest of the morning session was opened up to an action packed game of dodgeball with tennis balls featuring some of the hardest shots I have seen from many players. The afternoon practice was run by the assistant Boston University coach. It was a fast paced practice with the coach pushing our technique through speed. We experienced a typical college practice and was a great experience.
The night consisted of very competitive bowling games. There were a variety of outfits selected for the night with Ian Starkey’s classy look voted best dressed. The postition of high score came down the very last roll, with Aaron’s point for victory was a wobble away. Never the less, Jesser came out with the victory, winning with a score of 142 compared to Aaron’s 141. The distraction from the grind of the night reenergized our team and excited us for the final full day of lacrosse tomorrow.

Day 5: 
Today was the last day of official practice. Everyday the team has demonstrated significant improvements as they shook off the rust. Coming off a practice with Boston University’s Assistant Coach, Drew Kelleher, the team looked crisp and fighting fit. Practice went smoothly as the players pushed themselves and others to continuously get better, while playing at a high pace and committing to excellence. Practice wrapped up with the mastering of the finer points of our team’s system plays. Heading into the game tonight with confidence and eagerly waiting to implement our ever increasing skills and newly mastered system. ~ Nick Pascucci '13

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