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Live to Learn. Learn to Live.


Taking inspiration from our motto, Proctor Academy creates a diverse learning and living community: one that values the individual and recognizes the potential of each member to stretch beyond what had been thought possible.

Balancing academic rigor, structure, and support with the freedom for students to explore, create and define themselves, Proctor encourages students to achieve their optimal growth. A deep commitment to an integrated academic support program and an emphasis on experiential learning is interwoven throughout Proctor’s academic, athletic, artistic, and environmentally conscious programs both on and off campus.



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Academic Courses

Relationships that form theFoundation for Learning

We believe students are most successful when they feel seen, known, and deeply connected to their school community. The strength of Proctor’s community comes from the depth of relationships formed between students and faculty. Teachers are advisors, coaches, and dorm parents, living alongside students and working with them throughout all areas of their life. 

Learn more about Proctor's Educational Model

Proctor Academy Educational Model

This is our mission as a school: to create opportunities for young people to discover and become themselves, to pursue accomplishment without focusing on achievement. Our job is to simply facilitate the process with a safe, supportive, and challenging community. 

Proctor Academy Family Weekend

When perfect weather intersects with events on campus, a certain magical vibe emerges. Such was the case this past Friday as sunshine, blue skies, and temperatures in the mid-60s welcomed families to campus for our Spring Family Weekend celebration.




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Small, Family Style Dormitories


Adults Directly Connected to Each Student

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Expand Your Identity

From the first moment a student steps foot on campus until the moment they walk across the stage at graduation, experiential learning, challenge, and support permeate every layer of a student's academic journey. 

Academics at Proctor 

The Off-CampusExperience

Proximate learning does not occur without risk, but it is in those moments where students are living their education alongside the issues they are studying that lives are transformed.

The Off-Campus Experience

Living at aBoarding School

Proctor has intentionally built a residential community filled with small, family-style dormitories that place the student and adult relationship at the center of the boarding experience.

Residential Life at Proctor

Afternoon Program and Athletics

Every student engages in Proctor’s athletic and activity program each afternoon because we believe it is through shared, team experiences that we have the opportunity to put our core values into action.

Athletics and Afternoon Programs

Community committed to Diverse Learners

We are a community of diverse learners, recognizing all students are at different points in their educational journey. We celebrate neurodiversity, diverse backgrounds, and varied lived experiences because we understand the unique perspective of all students strengthens us as a community.

 Belonging to the Proctor Community



Trimester Off-Campus Programs


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Competitive Athletic Teams


Privately Owned and Operated Ski Area

Stewarding aSense of Place

We don’t just teach environmental stewardship at Proctor, we live it. Situated on 2,500 acres of woodlands, our campus and the trails, lakes, ponds, and adventures that lie within, connect us to the natural world that sustains us.

Environmental Stewardship in Action

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

Next September, Proctor’s 120 new students will head into the wilderness of the New Hampshire’s White Mountains for five days of backpacking, camping, and exploring. 

Proctor Academy Environmental Stewardship

Our deepest hope for this group of young people is that on their journey through Proctor, they will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. 




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Miles of Trails on Campus


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Weekly Polar Swim in Elbow Pond

Live to Learn. Learn to Live.