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Return to School Information | 2021-2022

The Proctor community (all faculty, staff, students, and parents) embraces the shared responsibility necessary to keep our school and local community healthy. Proctor’s goal for the 2021-2022 school year is to create the healthiest school possible by doing our best to create the healthiest environment for our students and employees (and their families) this year. 

Part of the balancing act we must embrace takes into account the tangential impacts of COVID-19 and the policies we choose to enact; the isolation, anxiety, mental health challenges, and impacts on learning that our students (and all adolescents) experienced over the past 18 months are very real. We must acknowledge and work to create policies that not only protect our community from COVID-19, but from other impacts of this pandemic. We need to be "whole" as a community, and in seeking that wholeness, we must do all that we can to keep our community safe within the context of operating a school.

Section 1: Proctor's Community Agreement

Active participation in all elements of Proctor’s policies and procedures are essential to being a part of the on- and off-campus Proctor Academy community this year. In addition to following Proctor’s Return to School Plan, each individual will agree to the following:
  1. I understand taking responsibility for my own health through my actions is paramount to keeping the Proctor community safe. In doing so, I agree to take part in Proctor’s COVID-19 and other health and safety protocols. 
  2. I agree to follow the Visitor Policy when having guests on-campus, including parent visitation, and agree to follow new weekend travel guidelines for boarding students per Proctor’s Student Handbook.
  3. I understand as a boarding student, day student, or faculty/staff member, I must be cautious of social interactions outside of the Proctor community while school is in session and agree to follow Proctor’s return-to-campus protocols when applicable.
* All of these agreements are subject to change based on guidelines from the NH Department of Health and the CDC. Should a community member be unable, or unwilling, to follow this Community Agreement, they will be asked to step away from the Proctor community in order to ensure the health of the greater Proctor community.

Return to School Planning Details

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    Boarding Students will arrive back on campus from Winter Break on January 3. Upon arrival, we will enter an arrival bubble until our first round of on-campus PCR tests are complete. Please follow the below guidance as student drop-off is planned. 
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    Following our January 3, 2022 arrival for Boarding Students, we will remain bubbled in our dorm pods until we receive results from our PCR tests. Upon return of PCR tests (assuming low number of positive cases), we will shift to a normal academic, afternoon program, and meal schedule for all students. 
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    Proctor is monitoring the health of the immediate community and that of the surrounding area and is prepared to implement a series of campus safety levers throughout the year. Should the need to increase the health and safety protocols, we will do so. These levers include ramping up testing, limiting travel off campus, shutting down athletic competitions with other schools, increasing use of mask policy on campus, and implementing many of the strategies we had in place last year that allowed us to successfully navigate the heart of the pandemic. 
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    As a boarding and day school with 100 day students and 280 boarding students, living and learning alongside 200 employees, interactions among faculty, staff, and students sit at the core of the Proctor experience. Understanding there is inevitable social mixing that will occur on-campus, the following protocols seek to mitigate risks, while retaining the sense of community we all seek.
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    The delivery of Proctor’s educational model spans all aspects of life on campus from academic courses to afternoon programming to advisory and off-campus programs. The following protocols and precautions will guide Proctor’s faculty as they shape the educational program for the 2021-2022 academic year.
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    If there is a positive COVID-19 case identified, all close contacts will be identified and traced. Vaccination status will determine how each contact is handled, but all contacts will be tested and quarantined/isolated according to CDC guidelines. We will utilize point of illness (symptomatic) testing to trigger contact tracing and quarantine/isolation. 
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