Proctor's more than 135 academic courses, 30 sports and afternoon activities, 5 term-long off-campus programs, and more than 30 art electives give you the freedom to choose your own path through Proctor. Which path will you choose? 

We know visiting Proctor’s campus is the single best way to experience the Proctor magic.  If you are not able to travel to Andover, or if you would like to learn more, we have developed an amazing series of virtual admissions events this fall to provide a deeper look into our programs and culture.  Learn all about Proctor, our programs, educational model, and the opportunities that Proctor affords its students. These events will be hosted by adults but will FEATURE STUDENT PANELS!

To sign up for one or all of the events, please click on the event title to register. All events start at 7:00 pm and last approximately one hour. We cannot wait to "see" you soon!

2021 Admissions Virtual Events

October 26
Which Path Will You Choose?
Proctor offers a wide array of academic, athletic, artistic and off-campus programming. Each student, with the support of teachers, advisors, dorm faculty and others, has the ability to create their own, unique experience. We will discuss how Proctor creates a plan that is flexible but pushes students to reach their potential.

November 2
Learning Skills 101
Proctor is nationally known for providing highly targeted learning support to college-bound learners. During this session we will discuss how we provide academic support and challenge our students, what this programming looks like on a daily basis, and how support is integrated into the life of the student.

November 9
A World of Opportunities: Proctor's Off-Campus Programs
Each year, over 100 Proctor students will study abroad through Proctor's own, unique off-campus programs. These programs are fully funded by boarding tuition and include Ocean Classroom, Mountain Classroom, European Art Classroom, Proctor in Segovia, Spain and Proctor in Costa Rica. 

November 16
Parent to Parent: A Conversation with Proctor Parents
This session will provide the opportunity for parents to ask those questions that might not get answered by the Admission Office!  What is it "really" like to have a boarding or day student? Can I visit campus? Who is watching out for my child? No question is out of bounds for our parent group!

December 7
Arts at Proctor
Arts at Proctor are fully integrated into both the academic curriculum and afternoon programming, affording each student the opportunity to explore an unparalleled breadth of offerings. There is a place for the accomplished artist and the curious novice in the arts at Proctor. This session will highlight the performing arts (drama and jazz/rock ensemble), industrial arts (woodworking, boatbuilding and the forge) and more traditional offerings (studio art, ceramics, and photography). 

December 14
A Sense of Place: An Introduction to Proctor (December session)
This session is designed for students and families just beginning the application process. It will provide an overview of Proctor's unique living and learning community with broad information on academic programming, off-campus learning programs, arts, athletics and community life. While similar in scope to our September 28th session, it will feature new student panelists, so tune in if you are new to the process or simply would like to hear more student voices and ask questions!


September 28
A Sense of Place: An Introduction to Proctor
This session will provide an overview of Proctor's unique living and learning community with broad information on academic programming, off-campus learning programs, arts, athletics and community life. Watch the event recording HERE

October 5
Athletics and Afternoon Activities
This session will showcase Proctor's athletics and afternoon programing, including the facilities and people who support our students' pursuits. Students can choose from competitive team sports, outdoor activities, arts and community service options. Watch the event recording HERE

October 19
Outside the Classroom: Student Life at Proctor
This session will take a broad look at student life at Proctor outside of the academic day. We will discuss advising, dorm life, weekend programming, student clubs and affinity groups, health and wellness and campus culture. Watch the event recording HERE

2021 Virtual Session Recordings

A Sense of Place: An Intro to Proctor

Outside the Classroom: Student Life at Proctor

Athletics and Afternoon Activities

Located in  Andover, NH,  Proctor Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school for grades 912. Students benefit from a rigorous academic program, experiential off-campus programs, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.
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