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New International Student Information and FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of my I-20 form?
Every non-U.S. citizen needs this form to acquire a student visa; the student visa allows you to attend Proctor Academy. Your student visa must apply for at least your first year at Proctor Academy. In addition, you need the I-20 form whenever you travel, both within the U.S. borders and especially when you leave the U.S. This form and your VISA are your legal documents from the U.S. Immigration Department and should be kept safe and secure at all times. It is suggested that these items be given to the International Student Coordinator for safekeeping when not traveling.
Q: What is Wilderness Orientation?
For over 40 years, all new Proctor students have backpacked through the White Mountains for 5 days prior to starting classes. Thousands of Proctor alumni will tell you that Orientation is an experience they will never forget! For many students, this trip is their first time hiking in the woods. It is an easy hike so please do not be nervous about Orientation! Please visit our Wilderness Orientation page to review what you’ll need for Orientation.
Q: What about health insurance and medical services?
Proctor operates its own health center which is staffed by a medical director and school physician. If you do not have health insurance that covers your student while they study in the U.S., you are required to have an insurance coverage plan offered through Proctor. All Enrollment Forms can be found on our Enrollment Essentials page. 
Q: How do I plan my travel?
Please review the 2023-2024 Proctor Academy calendar. You should plan your flights carefully so you do not miss any school commitments. We do understand that there will be times when the logistics of flights and travel times will be in conflict with the school calendar. Please communicate any conflicts with the International Student Coordinator as early as possible. 
Q: What clothing should I bring to school?
The weather in New Hampshire can be very unpredictable. During the Fall, it can be 80°s (25° Celsius) one day and 40° (5° Celsius) the next. Warm clothes are definitely needed for the winter: coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc. Our dress code is informal, so plan to bring items that are practical for the weather and comfortable for you. Dressier clothes (dresses, sport coats, ties, etc.) are only needed occasionally. If you have questions about clothing, you can wait until you arrive on campus, as there will be opportunities to shop during the school year.
Q: Cell Phone coverage?
Only Verizon and US Cellular have good coverage in our area. You can either take out a contract with one of these companies or get a “Pre-Paid” phone with a separate card for international calls. We have had great results using Tracfone. For safety while traveling, we strongly urge our international students to have a cell phone in the United States with coverage at Proctor Academy. Please contact our Admission Office should you wish to discuss this further, or to purchase/rent-a-cell phone for your student.
Q: Spending Money?
Bar Harbor Bank is located across from our main campus and has ATM (Cash machine) services that link to most major banking systems. Most international students have Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit cards for purchases. We strongly discourage students from keeping large amounts of cash in their rooms.
Q:  May I leave campus for an overnight or on the weekends?
The International Student Coordinator will act as your “in loco parentis” for travel purposes once the Travel Permission (available for review on your myProctor account in the summer) is signed by your parents/guardians. The sign-out process is outlined in the Student Handbook.

Contact Us

 Enrollment and General Questions:

Morgan Salathe
International Student Coordinator
Cell Phone: 603-505-1011
Office: 603-735-6681

I-20/VISA/SEVIS Questions, Travel and Visa questions:
D Taylor

SEVIS Coordinator