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Proctor Alumni Association

Join Proctor Academy Alumni: Global network, mentoring, events!
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Proctor's 5,000 alumni live around the globe, and while their time in Andover spans generations, their shared experiences living an unwavering educational mission creates a lifelong connection to Proctor. The Proctor Alumni Association seeks to connect alumni with each other through network receptions, a mentoring program, regional events, and increased attendance at Alumni Reunion each year. The PAA also works to connect alumni with current students through engagement in Project Period, Senior Project, and guest visits in academic courses. Learn more about joining the PAA below!

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Help Plan Reunion

Every year we do our best to create a fun and interesting schedule of events for Reunion. We believe that with the help of a Reunion Committee we could elevate to a level of custom programming that would allow for alumni in their Reunion year to express their ideas about what they and their classmates would like to do with their time on campus. Join us in planning next year’s Reunion! z

The Proctor Academy Alumni Association will meet formally once a year. We aim for this meeting to provide Alums with information about what the PAA plans to do in the upcoming year, as well as a time for Alums to ask questions and ultimately get more engaged in the Proctor community.

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What's new in your life?

Let us know! Click HERE to send us your photos and updates that can be included in next year’s magazine! 

Connecting Alumni to Alumni

Mentoring Program 

Mentoring relationships are essential for young alumni development. Get involved! 

We all know that Proctor is  a special place. The people you meet at Proctor help shape your life. Through a mentoring program we would like to continue to build and foster these relationships between alumni. Whether you’re an alum looking for professional advice or an alum looking to give back with valuable experience to offer, this program could be for you. The Proctor experience and the sense of community does not have to end after graduation. If you have an interest in being a Mentor, or you’re looking for one, contact us!

Networking Receptions

Our Proctor network is expansive, you should use it!

A Proctor gathering is always full of good spirits and fun times. We would like to work on expanding these gatherings and adding more professional components to the events. The hope is to begin holding Networking Receptions where Alums are encouraged to talk about their careers with other guests and expand their Proctor professional connections.


TED Talk Gatherings

Want to share your ideas with your fellow alumni?

We’d like to explore the idea of beginning these professional gatherings with a handful of alumni giving a five minute presentation about what they are doing in their professional life and how they got to where they are today. If attending one of these events, or being a starting presenter, sounds like something you might be interested in, please get in touch with us!


Regional Connections 
It is a goal of the PAA to find alumni who are interested and willing to be Regional Chairs in support of Regional Chapters. Someone appointed to a Regional Chair would aid in the hosting and planning of events in their area. The Alumni Office would work hand-in-hand with these Chairs and provide them with the data and support necessary to host successful events in your part of the world. Proctor has alumni all over the country, and we would like to dive deeper into developing Regional Chapters of PAA so that Alums can network and get to know other Alums in their regions beyond when Proctor itself hosts events in the city/area.

Reconnecting with Life on Campus

Guest Lecturing

Share your expertise with our students by visiting classes. If you’re doing something interesting, exciting or would just like to give back to Proctor, consider returning to campus and being a visitor to one of  Proctor’s classes. 

Project Period 

Proctor provides its students with unique and valuable experiences during Project Period every March. It's the opportunity for them to learn a new skill, explore something they’ve never done or find a new passion. If you have any ideas for Project Period or would like to host/help with an activity, let us know!

Senior Project 

While not all students choose to participate in and create a Senior Project, we think it could be valuable if current students had access to Alum information and could reach out to Alums in industries or fields that interested them. If you think that your work could intrigue and inspire a current student, and you would like to be available to potentially be involved with a Senior Project, please get in touch with us.