Proctor Academy alumni have a special bond that continues throughout the years after graduation. Our alumni network is active and engaged.

Cha Krupka ‘21 - Senior Speaker

The Proctor community is a community in which students stand in front of hundreds and reveal the most personal of stories. A community in which students and faculty alike will at 10:30 on an unassuming Monday ridicule themselves in assembly at some random game. It is a community that is much like a spider’s carefully crafted web. Many separate strands, be it people or ideas, extend out in several different directions. Some quite close, some directly opposed. Yet a common thread travels across these separate strands, spiraling outward, reaching even the furthest ends connecting us all. We are all woven together in a beautiful tapestry of cultures and ideas, holding strong through even the toughest winds or heaviest of downpours. As such, none of us will ever truly leave Proctor. Traditions may come and go...but our ideas, our greatest and happiest moments will forever permeate the web, intrinsically woven into it, holding the many strands together as we travel off and away...Thank you, Proctor, for weaving me into your web.

Relive Commencement!

Located in  Andover, NH,  Proctor Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school for grades 912. Students benefit from a rigorous academic program, experiential off-campus programs, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.
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