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The role of risk-taking in the learning process is central to growth moments for adolescents. Nowhere at Proctor is this experience more evident than in the performing arts. Each year, new talent, personalities, passions, and opportunities present themselves through performing arts courses and afternoon activities, making this version of Proctor wholly unique.

Proctor’s performing arts program offers opportunities in theater, instrumental and vocal music, and audio recording. Students learn to sing, dance, act, direct, make and record music, build sets, design lights, sew costumes, and produce projects of their own design, spending countless hours developing all aspects of their performance abilities in preparation for the annual drama productions, and instrumental music, vocal music, and dance recitals. It is not only the process and the outcome of a performance that shapes students, but the very act of performing in front of an audience. 

Show Times:

Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at 7:00 PM
Norris Family Theater



Producing three community-wide shows a year and providing additional opportunities for student-led productions, Proctor’s theater program allows students to experience the entirety of the theatrical process from building sets to audio and lights to acting on stage.

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Student Singers


Whether you are an accomplished musician, want to learn a new instrument, or have a passion for audio engineering, Proctor’s music program provides an opportunity to utilize a state of the art recording studio as your home for musical immersion.

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Performing Arts Facilities

Anchoring the east end of campus, Proctor’s performing arts facilities include the Wilkins Meeting House and its Norris Family Theater, Black Box Theater, Scene Shop, Dance Studio, and Costume Shop, as well as the Recording Studio. Featuring state of the art technology, each of these facilities amplifies the experience of students engaged in the performing arts by providing a home to practice, rehearse, learn, and grow. 

Dance Studio

Performing Arts

Proctor Academy Performing Arts program: Unleash growth, nurture talents, and shine on stage through risk-taking creativity.