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Explore Proctor Academy Music: Jazz, Vocal Ensemble, Recording Studio & More!

Whether it is singing in an ensemble, learning to play a new instrument or learning audio production skills, Proctor’s students participate in a wide array of musical offerings, including Jazz Rock, Vocal Ensemble, Studio Recording, as well as playing and singing in our musical theater productions. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills, or pick up a brand new one, through individual lessons that count toward academic credit. At Proctor, we study and play music from all corners of the world and offer ensembles and lessons at all levels from introductory to advanced. 

As a part of Proctor’s Performing Arts Department, the music program engages students in musical performances throughout the year. In addition to end of term concerts for the Jazz/Rock and Vocal Ensemble groups, a school-wide musical production each winter, as well as additional performance opportunities bring the performing arts to life. 


Proctor’s music facilities include a state of the art rehearsal space, along with practice rooms, and recording studio. Students perform all over campus from The Norris Family Theater, to the Student Center (The Wise), to open mic nights in the campus coffee house. 


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