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Theater at Proctor is a world where students from all backgrounds and levels of experience come together in collaboration, immersing themselves in stories, and discovering how best to tell that story to the audience. Theater combines acting, directing, movement, voice, as well as set design and stage management. Students in a Proctor ensemble create theater that is fun, rooted in play, and has the power to profoundly affect the audience as well as those on stage. 

The Performing Arts Department produces three main-stage shows every year (1 per term) and provides an opportunity for independent, student-led projects in the Spring. Additionally, the department offers classes in theater as well as filmmaking all year round. 


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Theater Facilities

Proctor’s theater facilities include The Norris Family Theater, as well as the Black Box Theater, dance studio, and fully operational scene shop. For student-led productions, actors and directors think outside the box, and stage performances can emerge anywhere on campus that students believe will best suit the work. 


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Proctor Academy Theater: acting, directing, dance, voice, set design, and more!