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Athlete Performance: Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning

Proctor’s Athletic Training staff and Strength and Conditioning coaches work to provide Proctor’s student athletes with comprehensive injury prevention, strength, conditioning, and treatment services comparable to most college athletic departments. With three full time athletic trainers and two part time strength and conditioning coaches, all students have the opportunity to optimize their performance on the fields, trails, courts, ice, and snow.

Athletic Training Visiting Team Info

If you plan on attending a contest with your team you can expect the following things to be provided to you by our Athletic Training Staff:

  • Water on your team’s bench
  • Ice chest with ice bags available at the game
  • Use of our Athletic Training Facility for pre and post game care

NEPSAC Football traveling ATC Information - here is a list of things that will be provided in addition to the items listed above:

  • There will be an orthopedic doctor from Concord Orthopaedics available on the sideline. 
  • You will have a treatment table set up on your sideline 
  • You will have access to a taping table located directly outside the visiting team locker room

Strength and Conditioning Program

Proctor’s Strength and Conditioning coaches work with athletes both in season and out of season to become stronger, more flexible, more mobile, and more resistant to injuries. Operating out of Proctor’s new Fitness Center and turf training strip in the Farrell Field House, Strength and Conditioning coaches work with both teams and individuals to customize training programs. Weaving in nutrition, sleep, and hydration as key components of a strength and conditioning program, Proctor’s students learn to care for and optimize their bodies for performance in their respective sports. 

Athletic Department

Athlete Performance

Expert athletic training & conditioning for peak performance, injury prevention & strength at Proctor Academy