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Ski Jumping Varsity Coed

The Proctor Jumping team and a long history of teaching kids all about self-awareness and confidence.  Very few of our team members come into Proctor with any jumping experience.  Most have basic ski skills and are looking for a new outlet on snow.  Ski Jumping certainly provides this.  Proctor boasts one of the best introductory facilities in the NorthEast, and our skiers learn much about themselves as individuals and as teammates during their time in the program.  Some Proctor jumpers have even gone on to ski at the next level, with multiple jumpers attending the Junior Championships over the years; three have skied at the international and Olympic level, as well.  Several of those jumpers never saw a jumping ski before coming to Proctor. The vast majority took up the sport for the first time here, had a great time competing at the high school level, continue to think of themselves (correctly) as ski jumpers, and follow the sport here many years later. 

Proctor supplies all the gear, so anybody with a skiing background can give it a try at no cost to themselves. Practices are fun and provide plenty of opportunities for one on one coaching interaction, as well as some video analysis.  Competitions can take us all over the NorthEast on weekends and also pit us against local public schools on weekdays.  The camaraderie is magnificent, the challenge is real but exciting, and the elation is frequent.  There is nothing much more fun than floating through the air on skis!

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