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Hockey Varsity Girls

The Proctor Girls' Hockey program carries a hefty schedule, playing thirty-plus games against some of the top Division 1 and Division 2 teams in New England. Coaches and players work toward individual and collective development through hard work and selfless play. Practices often consist of small games and drills that foster a highly competitive environment in which the players are able to push both themselves and their teammates. Concerted collective effort each day allows for the girls to develop their skills and knowledge of the game, while enjoying being part of a team working toward a common goal. Off-ice training is an integral aspect of the program as well, and is based off of training sessions composed by Volt Athletics. The majority of the girls on the team hope to play at the college level, and it is via their hard work, academic integrity, and the guidance and exposure they receive at Proctor that many get the opportunity do so.

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