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Alpine Skiing Eastern U19 Boys

Proctor boasts one of the finest USS/FIS programs of any of the Northeast boarding schools. We consistently maintain that our primary goal is the cultivation of “scholar-athletes” whose commitment to academic excellence is coupled with drive and determination on the hill.

The eastern program utilizes strategic planning in an effort to coordinate out of season camps in a multitude of venues across the globe. The goal of the out of season camps is to retain and progress throughout the year to maintain fitness, technique, and competitive edge. 
Eastern skiers benefit from a diverse training regimen that begins in the spring at Mt. Hood.  In the summer we capitalize on the glaciers in Saas Fee, Switzerland or the mountains of South America. We continue through the fall with dryland fitness coupled with fall varsity sports. In October we grab some more time on snow indoors in Europe or in New Jersey. In November, we again travel to Panorama, British Columbia or to Colorado for our Thanksgiving Camp. 

Proctor's schedule allows us to take fall exams early, and by utilizing Thanksgiving break we have two weeks of intensive skiing to get our platform established for the upcoming season. When we return to New Hampshire in December, students immediately jump into the season. Athletes follow a management plan specific to that student athlete, and are carefully managed to optimize training, racing, and academic success. In March, the season concludes with championship events, spring series USSS and FIS races, and out of region race opportunities.

The majority of our in season training is done right on campus at our own Proctor Ski Area. The benefit of having a FIS rated slalom hill within walking distance of campus is extraordinary! Proctor Ski Area is well known to have one of the best and most challenging slalom pitches in the state. Less well known is that the hill has enough pitch and character to allow us to train excellent GS and even build a SG jump progression.  Having our own facility lets us contour the hill to our needs, without the need to accommodate the general public.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky. Our ski hill is an extraordinary place! 

In addition to Proctor Ski Area we utilize our property bordering neighbor, Ragged Mountain.  Ragged has three venues that we utilize, and offers incredible turnaround with a high speed quad and high speed six pack.  With Ragged Mountain only a 15 minute drive from campus, and Proctor Ski Area within walking distance, our athletes are able to capitalize on incredible turnaround time.

Our race schedule includes junior U16 series through international FIS competitions. Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge from all levels of racing, training, and academics. We can accommodate any level racer and pride ourselves with mixing race success with academic success by keeping skiers challenged and engaged in both areas.

Proctor is a wonderful school with a host of unique characteristics. Our diverse off campus programs, commitment to environmental responsibility, support of all learning styles and passions, and steadfast belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels, makes us stand out in the crowd. Not every school can offer AP Calculus coupled with hands-on Forest Ecology and Eastern Cup FIS competition!

To learn more about USS/FIS alpine skiing at Proctor, contact Program Director Jason Nelson at

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