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There is no sensation closer to flying than floating through the air off a ski jump. Ski jumping first arrived as a sport at Proctor in the 1950s, and the school's storied ski jumping program has produced four Olympians, fifteen Junior Olympians, and two US Nordic combined team members over the past twenty years. 

The beauty of the sport is that several of those elite level jumpers never saw a ski jump before coming to Proctor. The program welcomes those with a strong ski jumping background as eagerly as those who simply want to experience flight for the first time. A focus on individual development within the context of the team and a high caliber ski jump on campus at the Proctor Ski Area afford ample training time each week. Proctor supplies all the gear necessary, so anybody with a skiing background can give it a try at no cost to themselves. 

Ski Jumping

Our rich history of Ski Jumping at Proctor Academy boasts Olympians, Junior Olympians, and US Nordic team members.