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Academic Concentrations lie at the intersection of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. By empowering self-directed students to design an individualized program of coursework, experiential learning beyond campus, and a culminating capstone, Concentrations assist intellectual development on a sophisticated level. Each of the five Concentrations aligns with intentional interdisciplinary guidelines that students tailor to create individualized academic and experiential plans. 

Your passion. Your path. Your adventure.

The Four Pillars of an Academic Concentration


Interdisciplinary credit requirements encourage you to explore your passion from many subject areas. Petition for Credit provides the opportunity to include unique credits or classes by approval. Integrate your 4- year plan with a Concentration.



Each concentration has experiential requirements which may be met through Proctor programs or other activities. Ideally, this section highlights activites you are already interested in. Engagement also includes regular meetings with mentors and other support folk.



Competencies demonstrate applied knowledge to perform skills related to a concentration. They leverage key learning from your courses, experiences & capstone work. Competencies get outlined in the Concentration Brief and can be refined as you progress.


The final piece of your concentration will be a capstone paper or project. A capstone allows you to think critically about your chosen focus area and produce a final work that communicates your understanding. The proposal process will help define your capstone.


Academic Concentration Steps

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Academic Concentrations

Proctor Academy's Academic Concentrations lie at the intersection of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor.