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A Ubuntic Community Built on Meaningful RelationshipsAt the core of the Proctor experience is a profound value for the relationships and bonds created across the school. Throughout its history, through visionary and bold intentions, Proctor has built and nurtured a community where everyone feels welcome and, as a result, feels compelled to bring their whole selves to the school. 

Proctor believes every community member deserves to be valued and accorded the environment to thrive. Borrowing from the Ubuntu philosophy (African humanist philosophy), we have recognized that when a community calls everyone in and creates a space of shared humanity, we can build bridges for stronger relationships within an interculturally competent community. These relationships are glued together by empathy and compassion for each other, especially those most marginalized, invisibilized to guarantee the healthiest community possible. However, we also recognize that building a community like this cannot be left to chance; therefore, we use the pillars below to guide our work which we call ‘Our Journey Together.’ 

Our Journey Together

The Office of Equity and Belonging, reimagined in 2022, is primarily responsible for supporting and advancing a school culture of inclusion of diverse perspectives, applying an equity lens to decision-making, and promoting the nurturing of belonging for everyone. 

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Key Initiatives

  • Intercultural Development Index for employees to track and support growth in cross-cultural competence. 
  • Restorative Justice Practices build a cohesive community with accountability and compassion. 
  • Gender and Sexuality Support Plan for students to affirm their identity and support them to thrive. 
  • Professional Development for teaching and non-teaching staff to build foundational racial and gender literacies for compassionate pedagogy. 
  • Balanced Scorecard for Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Pillars of Our Work


Proctor welcomes and retains a community of adults and students that increasingly reflect the demographics of the country and world around us.


Proctor integrates Equity and Belonging at an institutional level across all relevant systems, resources, processes, and policies. 


Proctor designs and prioritizes student-centered programming that increases the sense of belonging, community connection, and intercultural competency.

Office of Equity and Belonging

Equity and Belonging

Nurturing community, deep relationships, authentic self-expression at Proctor Academy.