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Mission and History

Proctor Academy is a diverse learning community with a rich history of experiential education and academic support, and rich history

Proctor’s Mission

Taking inspiration from our motto, Proctor Academy creates a diverse learning and living community: one that values the individual and recognizes the potential of each member to stretch beyond what had been thought possible.

Balancing academic rigor, structure, and support with the freedom for students to explore, create and define themselves, Proctor encourages students to achieve their optimal growth. A deep commitment to a learning skills program and a strong emphasis on experiential learning is interwoven throughout Proctor’s academic, athletic, artistic, and environmentally conscious programs both on and off campus.

Proctor students graduate understanding the values of honesty, compassion, respect, and responsibility, proceeding with confidence and with strategies to become life-long learners and thoughtful contributors to their communities.

Profile of a Proctor Graduate

Proctor graduates are collaborative, ethical individuals, ready to contribute productively to their communities. Our diverse programs and experiential approach to education develop creative, resilient, and knowledgeable problem solvers who take responsibility for their own learning.

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The History of Proctor

Begun in 1848 as a local school for the children of Andover, New Hampshire, Proctor has undergone numerous evolutions enroute to becoming what it is today: a boarding and day school of 370 students serving as a national leader in experiential learning and academic support programs. Read about Proctor’s history in the archived blog posts and video below: 

History of Proctor: Origins

History of Proctor: Formative Years

History of Proctor: Stability and Growth

History of Proctor: Revolutionary Change


Proctor’s Archives

Proctor is justifiably proud of its history. For nearly 175 years, this small, highly independent school has endured immense challenges, and is now recognized for its leadership in experiential college preparation, structured support systems, and community. Proctor is also a leader in transparency. Our archival images are yours to use, tag and enjoy! We invite alumni/ae and all friends of the school to further identify the faces and scenes you will enjoy on this site.

For more information, please direct all questions and comments to the Communications Office at (603) 735-6715 or email

Eras of Leadership

Proctor has benefitted from stable, wise, and visionary leadership over the past eight decades. The product of that leadership is evident in the school we know today - a school who knows itself well and whose mission is lived out clearly by a dedicated faculty and staff who have committed their lives to Proctor and its educational model. 

The following is a brief history of the school—chaptered by its leaders—over eighty years.