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Strengthening Our Foundation: Proctor Academy's Strategic Plan

Aerial Proctor Campus

To the Proctor Community:

We have a distinct advantage of being a school that knows itself well. With that comes an obligation to be ever mindful of the School’s future direction and purpose. Proctor’s role in the independent school world comes from that unambiguous self-knowledge while ensuring that we are always putting good and sound ideas into practice. In this, our 175th year, we mark this important time in the evolution of our journey to focus even further on the people, program, and ideas that will carry us into our next chapter.

Over the last two years, Proctor’s Board of Trustees and community  embarked upon Strategic Visioning and Planning processes that surveyed and called together constituencies from around the globe to understand our immovables as a unique learning and living community.

We affirmed our unique educational model that is undergirded by Learning Skills, experiential education, and the deep abiding focus on human relationships at the center of it all. These priorities sit at the core of our Strategic Plan moving forward: Engagement and Human Relationships, a Unified Language and Model for Learning, and Supporting and Sustaining Proctor.

The focus now is to get crystal clear on these priorities in the goals we have set while working towards an even brighter future for the next two centuries. Strategic Plans, just like good and great music, work well when there are notes to play within the framework of a strong score and good orderly direction. In our plan, we know that we have both.

As you read through this plan, understand that the people who developed it and will bring it to fruition are those who call Proctor home, and have called Proctor home for decades. It is the countless generations of Proctor people, as far back as our founding in 1848, who are rooting for us to continue serving and supporting the students and adults who make Proctor, Proctor.

Our Very Best,

Travis Warren, President, Board of Trustees
Brian Thomas, Head of School

A Framework for the Future: Rooted in Our Mission As Proctor implements its Strategic Plan, disciplined and creative institutional decisions will be rooted in Proctor’s mission, leveraging the lenses of financial sustainability, environmental stewardship, and equity and belonging.

It is on the foundation of Proctor’s mission that our future will be built. We believe empowering educators to do the good, hard work of educating adolescents to understand themselves as learners within a vibrant, connected community must continue to serve as our foundation moving forward.

Proctor’s Mission

Taking inspiration from its motto, Proctor Academy creates a diverse learning and living community: one that values the individual and recognizes the potential of each member to stretch beyond what had been thought possible. Balancing academic rigor, structure, and support with the freedom for students to explore, create and define themselves, Proctor encourages students to achieve their optimal growth. A deep commitment to a Learning Skills program and a strong emphasis on experiential learning is interwoven throughout Proctor’s academic, athletic, artistic, and environmentally conscious programs, both on and off campus. Proctor students graduate understanding the values of honesty, compassion, respect, and responsibility, proceeding with confidence and with strategies to become life-long learners and thoughtful contributors to their communities.

A Profile of a Proctor Graduate:
Proctor graduates are collaborative, ethical individuals, ready to contribute productively to their communities. Our diverse programs and experiential approach to education develop creative, resilient, and knowledgeable problem solvers who take responsibility for their own learning.

Engagement and Human Relationships

We believe deep learning and deep connection, to each other and to community, happens best when individuals encounter others and are challenged through shared experiences. When individuals are healthy, engaged, challenged, and supported, they thrive, and, in turn, Proctor thrives.

Proctor Wilderness Orientation

Unified Language and Model for Learning

We embrace the neurodiversity of a school community and the community’s proximity to the challenges facing society as an engine for creative problem solving, student growth, and the creation of scalable impact in the world.

Proctor Hands on Learning

Supporting and Sustaining Proctor

We embrace people as the core of Proctor’s future and the people who make up the Proctor community must deeply value, commit to, and steward Proctor’s culture.

Proctor Students on Campus