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1848 Giving Challenge: Record Breaking Success

Scott Allenby

For the seventh year, Proctor hosted an annual giving day rallying alumni, parents, employees, students, and friends of Proctor in support of our annual fund. With an aggressive goal of reaching 750 donors, this year’s 1848 Giving Challenge sought to honor Proctor’s 175 year history through giving today. The Proctor alumni and parent network rose to the occasion this year, as more than 900 donors jumped into the 1848 Giving Challenge, shattering both our goal and past year’s engagement record, raising a total of nearly $500,000 in support of the Proctor Fund. 

Proctor Academy 1848 Giving Challenge

Proctor’s financial model is complex and requires an annual operating budget of nearly $25,000,000. As is the case with most tuition-driven independent schools like Proctor, tuition only covers a portion of total costs required to deliver our educational model. In turn, we rely on the generosity and commitment of donors to bridge this gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses. With an unrestricted annual giving goal of $1,800,000 for the 2023-2024 fiscal year, the Proctor Fund represents roughly 7% of the school’s overall operating budget.

Proctor Academy 1848 Giving Challenge

The comments left by donors on our Boost My School campaign page remind us of the depth of impact of the Proctor experience. For generations, Proctor and the people who make up this community have changed lives. Gifts were made in honor of these individuals who are no longer with us  - the Suzy Norris’, David and Alice Fowlers, and Dave Pillas of the world - while the on-going impact of our faculty and staff at Proctor are noted as well. We encourage you to read through these comments and reflect on the impact of Proctor. 

Proctor Academy 1848 Giving Challenge

As we wrap up this year’s 1848 Giving Challenge, we send a heartfelt thank you to each of our alumni, parents, employees, and students who made a gift to the Proctor Fund yesterday. It makes a difference, no matter how big or small your gift may be. Thank you! 

Click here to join the 1848 Giving Challenge! 

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