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Admissions Decisions 2024: Attitude is Everything

Scott Allenby

In a world of insatiable, instant consumption, waiting has become a lost art. For our accepted students, the waiting for an admissions decision is finally over! 



Emails will be sent to all 600+ applicants at 4:00 PM est notifying each family of our Admissions Team’s decision with regard to their application. After the most competitive admissions process Proctor has ever seen, we are incredibly excited about the group of individuals we have chosen to make up the Proctor community for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Proctor Academy Accepted Students Admissions

There is something magical about the way Proctor brings out the best in each student, about the relationships that develop between students and faculty, about the self-confidence that bubbles out of our students as they navigate life and travel the globe. The feeling of watching our students experience joy never gets old; maybe that’s why so many of us have committed our lives to living and working at Proctor. 

Proctor Academy Accepted Students Admissions

We often get the question, “What is a typical Proctor student like?”, to which there is no simple answer. Proctor’s identity as a school is not tied to a singular program, a specific market niche, or admissions profile. There are no set grades that all accepted students must meet, no homogenous alumni path toward which our students mindlessly trudge. The only commonality among those students to whom we have offered admission is their attitude and zest for life. For us, attitude is everything.

Proctor Academy Accepted Students Admissions

As our Admissions team worked to craft the student body for next year, they did so with a clear focus on selecting young people who are ready to learn, are excited to live life to its fullest, and are eager to get the absolute most out of their Proctor experience. Eighty percent of this group of accepted students will participate in one of Proctor’s term-long off-campus programs. More than 20% will go on to compete at the collegiate level athletically, while 100% will take at least three art classes during their time at Proctor. All will benefit from small advisory groups and every single boarding student will live in a family style dormitory with an average size of 12 students. 

Proctor Academy Accepted Students Admissions

This group will share countless experiences at Proctor, yet each of their individual journeys will be wholly unique. Now it is our turn to wait for our accepted students to choose us. We hope to see all of them on one of our three accepted students days: March 29, April 2, or April 5. 

Accepted Students: Click Here for Next Steps!

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