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Eastern Ski Summer Training in Switzerland

Scott Allenby

While it was ninety degrees and sunny in Andover, New Hampshire yesterday, the ski season never truly stops for Proctors USS/FIS ski program. Over the past two weeks, twenty-three athletes and four coaches traveled to Saas Fee, Switzerland for an intensive training and team bonding experience, all while immersing themselves in European culture. 

Proctor on Snow

Serving as a launching pad for the 2022-2023 season, Proctor’s USS/FIS Saas Fee training camp affords athletes and coaches the opportunity to test out new equipment, establish team culture, and dig deeply into fundamental skill development. Much like the team’s June training camp in Mount Hood (read more HERE), the intensive two week experience immerses students in an intensive training environment supplemented by hiking, zip line adventures, dry land training, and intentional recovery. 

After being welcomed to the Saas Fee glacier with two days of bad weather, the group made the most of their next six days of training, progressing through slalom and GS training with a focus on form and technique. Despite a wide range of abilities among athletes present, coaches reflected in their daily training log the positive attitudes, attention to detail, and remarkable growth between the early camp training days and execution of drills and course work later in camp. Mid-camp off days saw the group hike to an ice-cold spring, zip line across a canyon, play soccer, volleyball, and spend considerable time on mobility and stretching. 

Proctor’s Director of Alpine Skiing, Jason “Moot” Nelson notes, “This place (Saas Fee) is incredible. These camps are almost like a mini off-campus program for our students where they are immersed in cultural experiences, learn how to travel, interact with others, and live in community with one another. We are so fortunate to be able to provide this training camp experience to our athletes and are incredibly thankful to Proctor and our families for helping make it happen!” Students reflect on their experience in Saas Fee below. 

Proctor on Snow

Liberty ’26

"Saas Fee was an incredible trip to go on as a new student. I was able to meet teammates, and bond in an enjoyable and special way. The Saas Fee trip is also a good way to meet new coaches, and test out new equipment. I feel so much better about going into the next season knowing everything works and that I have so many amazing coaches. Finally, Saas Fee is an adventure! I had so much fun flying with my friends, trying new food, and going on adventures every day. The Mountain Coaster and the ice cream hike were two of my favorites. This trip was a great way to train and travel, it was an amazing summer adventure."

Turner ‘25

"Being in Saas-Fee is breathtaking. While roaming in town, you are surrounded by sky-scraping mountains and diverse cultures. Meanwhile, up on the glacier, the snow is spectacular and you train alongside some of the world’s most successful skiers. For me, this trip was not only a great way to develop my skiing technique, but also an eye-opener to the beauty of Switzerland. Such a transformative experience would not have been possible without the support of our coaches; Moot, Justin, Mamie, and Craig."

Eli ‘24 

“Saas-Fee was incredible. I never thought much about traveling to Europe, but the vast countryside and the luscious fields were definitely a sight to behold. Besides the scenery, the skiing was amazing. I was able to increase my skills before the season arrives on campus in a few months. The level of support and teaching from the coaches definitely helped as well; it was helpful to receive feedback from all of the coaches, not just the FIS Men coaches.”

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