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European Art Classroom: Chasing the Sun

Scott Allenby

This week has been one of my favorite weeks and here's why: Monday started with going to Tina’s house. We were instantly met with a warm smile and were welcomed into her lovely home. We got a tour of her vineyards, asked lots of questions, and watched her go through the process of producing wine.

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

We had lunch that was filled with constant chatter and laughter. After the long leisurely lunch that left us all VERY full, we headed out to do some painting! Tina’s kind, generous, and passionate personality made us want to stay there forever. Afterwards we chased the sun and painted.

On Friday, we went to the Mediterranean sea! Dave toured us through the scenic route which took us about 40 minutes. The weather was sunny and 56 degrees–a perfect painting day. We arrived to a stunning view of the sea and the most beautiful shade of blue water.

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

We were all super eager to go swimming despite our knowledge of the chilly water temperatures. We had a picnic, painted, and took a swim. The sound of the sea crashing into the rocks was incredibly peaceful and I think we all sat there and thought about how lucky we are. 

Saturday was a graded drawing assignment of a still life. 

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

Sunday night always boasts a gourmet dinner prepared by a team of two. Tonight was Gretl and Bean. This night was Daube de boeuf à la Provençal. Traditionally, it can have any kind of meat: mutton, wild boar, goat, lamb, our even bull (Taureau), marinated in wine for hours, seared and the slow cooked for many hours with carrots, shallots and whole garlic cloves. It was delicious. 


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