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European Art Classroom: Finals Week

Scott Allenby

There is nothing like coming home after a week of exploring. This time, however, we returned to our house in Aix, after a vivacious week in Madrid, realizing it was our last week at home. 

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

Although bittersweet, this week was filled with productivity and some best-last memories, including visiting Lafayette's land right in Aix, and a very experiential fish dinner...

Our week consisted of two sea visits. Tuesday we headed off to Cap Couronne, a beautiful location right on the Mediterranean Sea, to do our last round of plein air painting. 

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

We set up our easels right on the rocks after our last group picnic (filled with lots of cookies) and tried to evoke the image of the sea in front of us on our own canvas- a difficult but rewarding task.

On Friday we headed to the town of Cassis for our very last excursion. The day was filled with Carnet sketches, perfume sniffing, a wonderful lunch, a breathtaking view, and a tasty gelato dessert.

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

The rest of our week consisted of finishing up our term-long project: a book that describes art history through a lens that each student picks.

We worked on finishing the last of our book project pages, picked out fabric for our covers, created our covers with fabric and paper, and finally, bound our books together. 

European Art Classroom Proctor Study Abroad

Although it was a week of lasts, it was certainly one filled with everlasting memories, successes, and hard work. Now off to Florence!

Grace '23

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