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European Art Classroom: Vienna in Spring

Scott Allenby

Vienna certainly waited for us, as Billy Joel would say. We arrived and spring pulled itself over the landscape, reflecting pinks and purples against the cloudy white buildings.

Proctor Academy European Art Classroom

By the end of our stay we had called the windy streets home. Bratwurst and schnitzel wafted up and between the city, we couldn’t resist, cracking our French shells and pulling in the Austrian culture like the pigeons did to food scraps.

Autumn colored trams wound in and out of the pedestrian crosswalks and through the city.

Out of our balcony window stood the Saint Stephens cathedral, illuminating the streets from all sides.

We saw the city with wide eyes, mornings and nights. Adjusting to the language and absorbing the stunning artist’s works with their unique brush strokes and colors. This city will be forever unforgettable.

- Maia '23 

Proctor Academy European Art Classroom

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