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Proctor Alumni: Honoring Proctor's Veterans

Lauren Smith

For many students not directly tied to the military, the meaning behind Veterans Day might not be fully recognized. With the current heaviness felt in today’s world, the importance of November 11–a day dedicated to world peace–can not be understated. Veterans Day has origins in World War I, when soldiers partook in a ceasefire, or armistice, during the 11th hour of the 11th day during the 11th month in 1918. For perspective, the average age of those who died in that war was 19, not much older than members of Proctor’s own student body.

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

For the 107th year, Proctor will observe Veterans Day, but like many federal holidays, Proctor does not cancel classes, and business continues as usual. In the midst of our busyness, we want to pause and recognize those who have served the US Armed Forces. 
Our community consists of numerous military veterans and active duty alums. This piece is just a snapshot of a handful from that community. These Proctor alums who have served–or are currently serving–the United States have also taken the time to graciously share some updates with us. Join us in recognizing and thanking them. 

James Smith ’63 | US Army

I was in the US Army following my graduation from college and received my commission as an officer in June of 1968 and reported for active duty at Fort Knox in January, 1969. My first post was 3/14 Armored Cavalry in Bad Hersfeld Germany in May of 1969. They transferred me to the 3rd Armored Division headquarters in Frankfurt in September where I became the Division Assistant Public Affairs Officer until January 1971.

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Dan Mori ’83 | US Marine Corps

I was a 4-year Senior at Proctor who went off campus in the Spain program and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1983 serving as an Aircraft electronics repairman. After four years on active duty, I completed college and law school returning to the Marine Corps serving in various legal positions which took me to Virginia, South Carolina, California, Hawaii, Japan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I was the first Military lawyer assigned to defend a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the initial Military Commission since World War II. I retired from the Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2012 after serving as the Navy-Marine Corps military Judge for Hawaii.

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Randy Langer ’83 | US Air Force 

I am a disabled veteran (40%), I honorably served our Country for 24 years, including a 2010 deployment to Iraq for a 365-day rotation. As a retiree, I support organizations like the USO and VA, as well as our local food bank here in the Lakes Region of NH. I’ve always been committed to helping those who protect our freedoms as well as those less fortunate than me.
I will be running the Boston Marathon in support of Homes For Our Troops, building a home for a disabled Marine Vet in Holden, MA. 

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Stuart Green ’93 | US Navy

I retired (as you can see from the beard) from the Navy in 2019 after twenty years of service.  Right now I'm pursuing a PhD in international relations at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, slowly gearing up to run for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, and enjoying being a father to my own two Proctor students, not to mention a husband to my wife, Proctor's most dedicated educator.  All my experiences at Proctor were formative, not least the nine weeks in Avignon, riding with the equestrian team all four years, taking every history class I could manage, and making forever friends.  

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Adam Nelson ’96 | US Navy

I recently attached to a unit based out of Italy that supports the Mediterranean and West African nations with maritime operations and security. I will be visiting Naples, Italy in Winter, 2024.  Prior to this, I mobilized to the Middle East in 2021/2022 and was part of Operation Allies Refuge where we assisted with the evacuation and housing of thousands of civilian refugees from Afghanistan.  This was my 2nd deployment to the Middle East and hopefully my last.  While at Proctor I participated in both the Moroccan and France overseas programs which only fueled my love for travel and foreign adventures. I missed Proctor Reunion in 2022 due to military duty, but am certainly looking forward to my 30th in 2026!  

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Dan Wiltshire ’00 | US Coast Guard

I'm currently a Commander in the Coast Guard and, as I recently returned from a 4-month Western Pacific deployment, I found myself reflecting on how Proctor impacted my course in life for the better and led me to a career in public service. I'm an Ocean Classroom '98 and Proctor Fire Department Alumni - both of which heavily shaped my academic and career choices. Proctor helped foster my love of adventure and the sea, of camaraderie, and of helping others. When I'm not attached to a ship I serve as a military attorney (i.e. JAG). Mid-way through my career the Coast Guard sent me to law school, and I now split my time between assignments on ships and as a lawyer. In that capacity I’ve worked as both a military justice practitioner and as a national security and maritime law attorney.

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Jaguar Sasmito ’09 | US Army

While at Proctor, I sang in the choir, the spring musicals, and played some football and basketball. I loved my time in France and traveling with the Choir to England and Croatia. Following graduation, I was commissioned as an Army Signal Officer. I was accepted into the Army’s Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP), attended law school, and transitioned into the Army’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. I now serve and advise commanders as a Brigade Judge Advocate/ Trial Counsel for the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas.

Proctor Academy Alumni Veterans

Kate Kozain ’12 | US Army

Following my four years at Proctor, I attended Union College where I joined the Army R.O.T.C. program. I joined the Army for my brother (Billy), and for soldiers who are friends, family, and partners to people in our country and throughout the world. People who are like me, like all of us. I left active duty during the summer of 2021 but I continue to serve in the Army Reserves. I am currently in my third year of law school at the University of North Carolina, and I am actively working to become a lawyer, more specifically, a criminal prosecutor.

Our community consists of numerous military veterans and active duty alums. This piece is just a snapshot of a handful from that community. We apologize we were unable to tell all of our military veterans and active duty alumni stories, but we look forward to sharing more narratives in future years. Please reach out to so we can be sure to include you in future publications! 

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