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Proctor Arts Presents: Little Women the Musical

Scott Allenby

Proctor Theater is proud to present the showing of Little Women, the musical, on Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18 at 7:00 pm in the Wilkins Meeting House.

Proctor Academy Arts

For as long as we can remember, Proctor’s theater department produced a spring musical. The culmination of a year in the performing arts as the weather warms, we prepare for graduation, and the end of the year feels idyllic, but in reality, it placed an incredible amount of stress on our actors and theater faculty as they prepared the biggest show of the year during the shortest term. A switch to a winter musical this year provides a lift to the community during the final weeks of the Winter Term, and what a lift it will be! 

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, Little Women follows the adventures of four sisters - Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March - as they grow up in Civil War America. With a book by Allan Knee, lyrics by Mindi Dickstein, and music by Jason Howland, Little Women opened on Broadway in 2005, and has since toured domestically and internationally with critical acclaim. The musical weaves short vignettes of Jo’s writing into the story of the March sister’s lives. 



Proctor’s production of Little Women will have you laughing, crying, and simply entranced by the talent on stage supported by a remarkable technical crew. Helen Armstrong ‘23 (Jo), Paige Makechnie ‘25 (Amy), Lisle Coombs ‘24 (Meg), and Sophie Mason ‘24 (Beth) play the four March sisters, while Aria Simmons ‘26 plays the girls’ mother, Marmee. Austin Easterly ‘25 (Laurie), Dylan Stern ‘23 (Professor Bhaer), Em Hackmann ’24 (Aunt March), Jaden Williams ’25 (John Brooke) and Aaron Caro-Barzey '26 (Mr. Laurence) complement the female leads with wit and excellent stage presence throughout the show. Additionally, Violet Kraft-Lund Marley '24, Riley DuPont '24, Jackson Gamache '24, Hazel Curry '26, and Amena Martinez-Paris '26 do an outstanding job as Operatic Tragedy players throughout the show. 

Proctor Academy Arts

 The cast and crew of Little Women should be proud of their hard work and this gift of theater they have given to the Proctor and local Andover community. As the actors share in the video above, it is the culmination of hard work that makes being a part of a production so energizing. We watch as individual roles develop, evolve, and transform alongside the set, lights, and sound design to produce a beautiful end product. 

The process of a show coming together is not unlike that of a community, where each individual becomes increasingly connected to the whole. Be sure to come out to enjoy the show this weekend, reserving your free tickets in advance of the show HERE or tuning in LIVE using this link, to see the hard work of the cast and crew of Little Women! 

Click here to see more photos from Little Women on Flickr!

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