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Proctor en Monteverde: Learning to Live Abroad

Proctor en Monteverde

Each winter and spring, a group of six sophomores travels to Monteverde, Costa Rica to study abroad on Proctor en Monteverde. For these tenth graders, the opportunity to live with a host family, immerse themselves in the Costa Rican culture, earn a year’s worth of Spanish credit, and continue studying their sophomore-level courses is a once in a lifetime experience. Maisy ‘26 and Evie ‘26 reflect on the first month of living with a host family in today’s blog post! 

Proctor en Monteverde Costa Rica Study Abroad

Evie ‘26 

When I first arrived at Adriana and Fran's house, I was so nervous that I forgot all of the Spanish I had studied and could only say "si." No matter how welcoming they made me feel, I felt so out of place. But after just one week of getting lost in translation and a million questions, I started to get into a routine that made me feel a little less homesick. The first week, without a doubt, was hard. I had to learn how to communicate without talking in my own language and adjust to the different aspects of my everyday life. I will admit there were a couple of moments where I would have been fine returning home, but those quickly disappeared when my friends and I discovered Dolce Aroma. The best crepes ever! 

In all seriousness, after a couple of days of having math with Daniel, struggling to pronounce (r) in Spanish with Eva, learning about current events with Felicia, and making jokes about the mushroom kids with Beto, I realized why I came here. It wasn’t just to get off campus during the winter, but to experience a life so different from my own. 

Proctor en Monteverde Costa Rica Study Abroad

Some of my favorite activities we have done are: going to Kathia's Farm, where the cutest cats and baby cows are, and spending Saturday mornings exploring the rainforest, different towns, and all the beautiful things in Monteverde! It's only been 5 weeks since I left the States, and I already have been noticing small changes that I have been making subconsciously. Such as taking my time walking home so I can pet all the dogs and cats that I come across, looking into the trees for monkeys, pre-counting my coins for the bakery, saying “Hola” to every person I pass on my way home, and looking out the car window every time we drive to school so I can see the beautiful valley that overlooks the ocean. Although life in Monteverde is so different from my life at home, I have noticed similarities in the community that make places like these so special, like how everyone looks out for each other, and when you meet someone, they don’t forget you. If you look past the challenges, it’s the views, the food, and the people that made traveling 2,458 miles away from home worth it.

Proctor en Monteverde Costa Rica Study Abroad

Maisy ‘26 

Living with a host family here in Monteverde is an incredible experience. It has added another layer of immersion into the culture here by giving us the opportunity to see the daily lives of locals. While it was a big adjustment, my family, mom, dad, and twelve year old sister,  welcomed me warmly, making it easy to settle in. They immediately told me that they wanted me to feel like part of the family and if I ever needed anything I should just let them know. 

Proctor en Monteverde Costa Rica Study Abroad

Life in Costa Rica is very different from what I’m used to, from the food eaten to how people interact with others. Rice and beans are very popular here, some people eat them almost every meal, and while I love rice, beans have never appealed to me. However, I have come to like gallo pinto, a very common dish of rice and beans. During the week it feels like I don’t see my host family much, mainly at breakfast and dinner, because of our busy schedule. However on the weekends we go to viewpoints or family gatherings together. One evening we went to see the sunset, and while it was cold, it was very beautiful. Another afternoon we went to a viewpoint where we could see a volcano. As for family gatherings, my host dad had a fiftieth birthday surprise party with friends and family. It was intimidating being around so many people I didn’t know, not being able to speak Spanish very well, but everyone was very nice and most spoke English pretty well.

Proctor en Monteverde Costa Rica Study Abroad

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