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Proctor en Monteverde: Spring Term in Costa Rica

Proctor en Monteverde

Six of Proctor's sophomores are currently studying in Monteverde, Costa Rica for a term abroad. Living with host families, continuing in their tenth grade courses, and immersing themselves in Costa Rican culture affords a powerful learning opportunity that very few high school sophomores around the country have the good fortune to experience. Read more about the group's first weeks in Costa Rica below! 

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

Mini Beach Orientation | Amena '26 

On March 20, all six of us touched down in Liberia, Costa Rica, embarking on what we knew was an adventure. On the bus to the hotel, we were already cracking jokes as we drove through the streets, forming our first impressions. In lieu of heading to Monteverde immediately upon arrival, we spent three days at the Villa Huetares on the spectacular Playa Hermosa. The three days we spent there were integral in the formation of our group dynamic. By splashing in the waves and watching the sunset at the beach we were able to experience Costa Rica’s natural beauty, but we were also able to become familiar with each other prior to full immersion in the program. At the end of those three days, we were able to embark on the three hour ride to Monteverde with nerves high in anticipation for meeting our host families, but comfortable in the fact that it was a venture we could face together.

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

Host Family Drop Off | Kyara '26 

When coming to Monteverde, I was so nervous about being with a host family. Knowing I'm going to be there for two months with a random family I didn't know freaked me out. When I arrived at my house, I immediately connected with my host mom, Adrianna. For the first couple weeks living with my host family was very difficult. I saw some of the other students connecting faster with their families and I felt behind, like I was in the wrong host family. I was very shy towards my host family and their daughters. Though as time went on I felt more comfortable and more at ease. One day, they took me to see bull riding and I had so much fun. It was crazy; I met so many family members within the host family and learned so much about the culture. 

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

Classes CEC | Freya '26

Our academic schedule follows the same baseline, with various classes each day. Although our math and Spanish curriculums are different, they happen simultaneously, yet classwork varies per person. A few of our classes last two hours, but fortunately, we get a break in between for card games or movies. The course load isn’t remotely overwhelming either; only a few assignments every couple of nights. School usually begins at 08.00 and ends somewhere between 14.30 and 16.00, except on Mondays when we have a late 10.30 start and 17.00 end. During the school day, we don’t just sit in lectures; we also participate in the maintenance of the school, including gardening and trail work. The most memorable day of the week for me is when we visit the Colegio, the local high school, to connect with denizen students.

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

After School Activities | Burke '26  

After school, our group has the opportunity to do many fun activities in the area. We ride horses, learn how to dance, cook in our host family’s houses, and work in a local recycling center. During the first week, we went to the Monteverde Coffee Farm. We picked and tested coffee, learned about its impact on the environment and community, and met the farmers.

Once a week, we go to a local’s house and spend time learning the dances that can be found in Costa Rica, such as Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa. On Wednesdays, we go to work in a recycling plant. We sort trash from the recycling, clean up broken glass, and pet the cat. These activities are a high point of our day, and we look forward to them every time.

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

Weekend Activities | Sophia '26

Every weekend we go on a field trip to an important destination in the Monteverde area. For example this past weekend, we went to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and on other weekends we have participated in the Carrera Creativa, a charity 5k, and our science teacher Beto’s father-in-law’s farm. After these activities, we are given the opportunity for free time. During this time we can spend time connecting with our host families, exploring the area, and trying local food. 

This past weekend a few of us decided to go to the Monteverde Waterfall, where we had to take a bus there and walk back. The waterfall was an amazing and refreshing break from the Costa Rican heat. Every weekend we do something different in our free time, and it always ends up being some type of adventure that concludes or begins with milkshakes at Dolce Aroma.

Proctor Academy Study Abroad Costa Rica

Concluding Thoughts | Evan '26

The more time I spend in this lush environment, the more I am overwhelmed with wonder and amazement. The impenetrable green sprinkled with thousands of vibrant flowers form the never-ending waves in the distance. As we all explore the culture through food, language, and people, we are becoming more aware of the limited time. I have learned so much during my stay. As we continue to explore our paths we all should spend the time to reflect on how far we came. I watch the light slowly dissipate over Santa Elena, and as the town twinkles to life, I can’t help but admire how incredible this opportunity truly is. 

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