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Showing Up With Our Whole Selves

Scott Allenby

Our job as educators is to bring out the very best in our students - in the classroom, in the art studio, on the athletic fields, and in their everyday lives. It is to help each find pieces of themselves they never knew existed, or were too afraid to explore. It is to nurture the artist, the playwright, the adventurer, the lover of the outdoors, the athlete, the poet, and the world traveler that lives within them. 

Proctor Academy Enrollment

In order for our students to explore their whole selves, they must be willing and able to show up with their whole selves. We don’t expect our students to show up with that type of openness as soon as they arrive on campus. It takes time. It takes shared experiences. It takes confidence. It takes trust. It takes a supportive community that specializes in helping young people feel a deep sense of belonging. 

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom

We know adolescence can be scary, especially when young people arrive at Proctor having had prior educational experiences filled with judgment, cliques, and a feeling at times that they are not enough. But we see the opposite at Proctor. We see a community where our diversity is our super power, where our varied learning styles help us understand the complexity of the human experience. We each look different. We have varied lived experiences, come from different families, hometowns, and economic situations. We each step into Proctor with a perception of ourselves that is just waiting and ready to be shattered by the potential that others see in us. 

Proctor Academy Assembly

As we enjoy these last few weeks of summer, we share a simple message with all of our students, especially our new students: imagine who you could become, not who you are, as you step into the year ahead. We cannot wait to see who you become at Proctor, and who we become when you bring your whole self to the community. 

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