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Team Spotlight: Boys Varsity Hockey 2024

Scott Allenby

In the highly competitive Lakes Region, Proctor’s varsity boys hockey team competes against some of the strongest teams in New England prep hockey. With a veteran roster, complemented by a talented group of newcomers, this year’s squad has earned quality wins against top teams, while working to find their rhythm as a group. Currently, the Hornets sit at fourth place in the Lakes Region and will look to make a run at a league championship during the final two weeks of the season. 


Hear more about the boys varsity hockey’s season from captains Nolan Davis ‘24 and Ty Gwatkin ‘24 in this week’s team spotlight. 

Proctor Academy Boys Hockey

How have you, as captains, worked to support your teammates over the course of the season so that as a team you can keep improving? 

Nolan ‘24: For me personally, just trying to lead by example and show up everyday with a mind set of getting better and I think that in itself is contagious and leads to group improvement.

Ty ‘24: As captains, we like to be the bridge between coaches and players. If there are concerns of any kind among the players or the coaches, Nolan and I are happy to receive that information and relay it to whoever needs it in order to improve the morale of the team. It has also been important to me this year to always remember the spotlight I am under as a senior captain. With that in mind, I always want to provide a good example for the younger guys of a hard worker on the ice, in the classroom, in the weight room, and around campus. 

Proctor Academy Boys Hockey

Looking at the final three weeks of your season where do you, as a group, hope to be heading into the Lakes Region playoffs? 

Nolan ‘24: I think our group is just looking to click and get hot going into the final stretch. We feel really good about our group and know that now is the time to make a big push to achieve our goals.

Ty ‘24: We are right where we want to be at this point in the season. We are finally finding our groove and playing to our true potential which will be very important heading into a time of year when teams can lose touch with the locker room and begin thinking about moving on to the next thing. With KUA and Holderness having great teams this year, we are looking to remain in the 3rd slot in the Lakes Region playoffs and attempt to make a run for a banner. We have three very winnable Lakes Region home games at the end of the season which we look to solidify our standing in the lakes region and NEPSAC playoffs. 

Proctor Academy Boys Hockey

What do you love about Proctor's hockey program and hope to leave as a legacy for next year's guys? 

Nolan ‘24: I just love the family atmosphere that comes with being a member of Proctor hockey. The bonds you create from this locker room are really special and last a life time. I hope that we leave behind a good culture, both on and off the ice. Being a good classmate, teammate and member of the community I hope is something that is instilled into the group and carries over to future teams.

Ty ‘24: When I think about my time on the Proctor hockey team over my four years, the first thing I think of is the characters in the locker room. No matter where we stand in New England or what our record is, there always seems to be a group of guys that come together and form a uniquely memorable bond that carries past the hockey season. I will always remember the locker room culture at Proctor and want all the younger guys to know that your teammates will always have your back. I would also like to preach the idea of being a valuable member of the community. The legacy I would like to leave behind is that outside of the rink, create unexpected relationships, ask questions of mentors that know more than you, and give back to Proctor in any way possible.

Proctor Academy Boys Hockey

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