What we Believe

The beliefs that underpin the essence of Equity and Inclusion have been at Proctor’s core for decades. In 1950s, Proctor elevated its Learning Skills program to be a central component of the academy’s identity and our community grew stronger as a result. As society’s understanding of equity and inclusion has evolved, so too has Proctor’s.
Today, Proctor community members grapple with the interplay between the US Government and the Sovereign Nations within our borders, we discuss race relations in the United States, and study the roots of world religions. We welcome international students, LGBTQ+ students, indigenous students, and students from all 50 states with an array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. It is typical for a new student to be welcomed to the “Proctor Family” and the responsibility of this office, is to make every new and returning family member feel valued, acknowledged, and celebrated for the unique self they bring to our community. 

This is a dynamic and ongoing process. In fact, we will never arrive at an endpoint in this work. We must remain nimble and responsive to the world’s ever changing needs and ever expanding understanding of identity. At Proctor, mistakes will be made; however, to shy away from working towards equity and inclusion for fear of making mistakes would go against Proctor’s core beliefs about education, community, and global citizenship. Our hope is that every member of the Proctor community will engage with this work, with constant evaluation of our programs and approaches, with honest self-reflection about the beliefs we hold and how we move through the world, and ultimately with an eye towards becoming better versions of ourselves. If we can do this together, we will become stronger with each graduating class, just as we did when we committed ourselves to the belief that all students can excel when approached with equity and inclusion as the foundation.
Located in  Andover, NH,  Proctor Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school for grades 912. Students benefit from a rigorous academic program, experiential off-campus programs, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.
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