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  • February

    Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Hockey

    Owen Kreisler '23
    Head Boys’ Varsity Hockey Mike Walsh and Assistant Coach Ian Hamlet are back at the helm and ready to lead the team to another successful season. With nine seniors leading the way, the team is poised to make the most of a shortened season. Read more HERE!
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  • Tradition Matters: Celebrating the Proctor Ski Area

    Scott Allenby
    Proctor is far from a traditional boarding school. Sure, we have traditions, but we are not driven by them. We thrive on evolutions and shifts and changes, recognizing that when we become stagnant as a community, we stop growing as individuals. And yet, now, more than ever, we need tradition. Read more HERE!
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  • Proctor Athletics: Hornets Back in Action!

    Scott Allenby
    Proctor’s athletic teams last took part in interscholastic competitions on November 14. For the past 82 days, our students and coaches have awaited this weekend’s first games and races of the winter athletic season. Check out a preview of this weekend’s games and races, as well as our first video team spotlight of the term HERE.
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  • January

    Fall 2020 Lakes Region All-Stars

    The Fall 2020 athletic season was certainly historic and one that will be remembered for a long time. Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, and trainers for making the season fun, competitive, and safe!
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  • Mike's Notes: Why Skiing?

    Mike Henriques
    It’s part of who we are, part of our history, part of what we move forward. Scraps of the history can be found in the woods behind the football field, a wheel nailed to a maple tree signals the old rope tow. Stories swirl of slope improvement that involve students, dynamite, and a granite stater do-it-yourself mentality. Every institution has legacy, tradition, and it’s important in the current hustle to evolve and to become the new next, legacy is not forgotten. Read more HERE
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