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Pair Relay Sprints: Girls Fly, Boys Storm to Win

It was a turny, wild sprint course that Dublin set up on their campus - out of the start zone, up a short then steep climb, down over some rollers before a big berm turn to a short flat, a tight corner, and back.  There was plenty of crashing and lots of excitement on the bright, windy, cold day. Such a short lap and all the tagging of a partner meant that fate and luck were in play (would someone fall right in your path?) Our two girl pairs (Maura Kelly, Aubrey Ashby, Madeline Boyd, and Ella Barney) were terrific on the course, and navigated and climbed and worked hard to ski well.  They again set the bar high for energy, cheering, and support.  The boys, in first place before this race with little room between Holderness, Dublin and us, were raring to go and ready to test themselves again.  We skiied cleanly on the first heats and put four teams in the final championship, and after Coach Buz held up the start of the race for one of our racers (legal as there was no definite start time & Asher hustled over), they were off. Alex Muromcew got out to a fast start and commanded the early lead, and he and his partner Will Hench battled with a fast Belmont Hill team who barely edged us out.  I loved seeing our skiers congratulate opponents after the finish.  With 2nd place secured, we looked to our other teams and hoped BH wasn't in 3rd (it was Dublin).  In 4th place, Asher Whittemore and Ryan Methven flew around (& Asher slalomed around bodies on one hill) to win that all-important slot, and critically, Matt Bent and Nelson Makechnie (skiing on a sprained ankle that was fat enough to duct tape around his boot) blasted to fifth place, displacing other teams to secure a comfortable margin of victory. Also skiing hard for the boys was Colin 'the cat' Shaver, Baxter 'back in black' Curry, and Cole 'the generator' Schwabacher.  The team braces for the polar vortex coming our way, and shifts back to classic skiing for our next race at Holderness.  Shout out to our generous parents & Jen Bent who sent us off with lots of food - tasty, a morale boost, and fuel for the raging fire that is Proctor Nordic.
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