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Good Skate!

Simple stuff can turn many players into one team. At the start of the season we say that players heading off the ice and back to the locker room after practice should bellow, ‘Good Skate!’ With that phrase players hear themselves acknowledging each other’s efforts and contributions. It affirms that the energy just invested, and the burning in our legs, is good.

Jill and I had a blast working with this group. They are high school students still becoming who they will be and it is fun to be part of that. Every Day. They learned some hockey and they love to compete! We also hope they learned a little more about themselves, about each other and about the benefits and responsibilities of being a teammate. The value of play in our lives cannot be overstated.

"And thus in our play, through our games, and from our teams, we seek much: Earning a place, joining in with others and to others, both lending and gaining strength, accepting mutual obligations, being at once whole and a part of something else beyond ourselves. We seek to connect with others in a shared enterprise whose values and relationships direct its work and purpose. We seek competence, confidence, fun and friendship. We seek courage. We seek wisdom. We seek to merge the resources of our minds and bodies, to discover and display our highest hopes and best efforts. We seek both freedom and affiliation. In continuing to play, in returning to our games, we seek, finally, a form of fulfillment and completion that transcends both the ending of the game and the closing of the day." - Tom O'Neil

Jill and I are grateful for the support of the parents and the many people here on campus who have helped us create this experience for these players. They had a good skate.
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