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A Strong Start

We hosted a nice group of girls from Vermont Academy on Saturday, and we always enjoy the friendly competition regardless of the outcome. The Proctor GJVT team prevailed with an 8-1 win. SINGLES: 1. Nikki Filias played a strong solid match, overpowering her opponent with her powerful ground strokes and serves. She is fast and manages the court well. 8-3 2. Carly Sipp had a suprisingly tentative start, playing a defensive game that put her at a deficit early. In about the 5th or 6th game, Carly found her groove and proceeded to run out the match with a convincing win. 8-4 3. Amy Zhou played a very competitive opponent, but Amy's ball control and shot placement dominated the match. Amy's expressive, emotional tennis is a joy to watch. 8-1 4. Carol Zhao never stops smiling when she is playing tennis, regardless of where the ball lands. Her steady demeanor worked in her favor, winning 8-3. 5. Torie Ball hits the ball well, has an improved serve, and is willing to move quickly on the court. She opened up a lead early and never looked back. 8-0 6. Ayla Fidel played the closest match of the day, the lead see-sawing back and forth to land at 6-6. Ayla then hit the switch - she won the two games she needed to and walked off the court with a well deserved 8-6 win. DOUBLES 1. Mackenzie Timbrell and Lila Montgomery were challenged by a very entertaining and unorthodox team, and the Vermont girls were able to keep the Proctor duo on their heels and off their game. Lila and Mac played well and will continue to improve. 3-8 2. Kara Hort and Emily Gillis have practiced together a lot this season, and it paid off on the court with a strong win. Emily up front and Kara covering the baseline overpowered the team from Vermont. 8-2 3. Julia Hislop and Birgit Preuss decisively defeated their opponent, as both these young players have practiced hard this spring and it now pays off. 8-0
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