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Hornets Win 3-2

The Proctor Hornets took to the road for our first away game against High Mowing School. The game started quickly, with early bids on net from forwards Griffin Smith and Tyson D’Orio. High Mowing countered with speed and gave new keeper Griffin Franz his first tests in goal. Griffin calmly deflected these, and his teammates' confidence grew. Hank McCabe held together our defense and George Hildner rocketed in two shots. By the half, the Hornets led 2-1. Not long after, a defensive foul led to a penalty kick against us. All eyes turned to Griffin, who, incredibly, made the save. The battle for possession in midfield left us frustrated, and High Mowing scored on a corner kick. Ten minutes to go and the game was still tied at 2-2. With minutes left, Elliott Norris cleared a beautiful ball up to midfielder Tony Hu, who barreled towards the net and drew a foul inside the offensive box. The whistle blew for a penalty kick. George stepped up to take the shot, and with poise, found the net. Congratulations, boys, on your 3-2 victory! 
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