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Strong Physical Game Nets Tie

In a game characterized by physically aggressive play, Proctor endured on the Farrell A turf to earn our first tie of the season in our home opener. Facing a set of physical opponents who sought to dominate with checking and distribution, our girls played their hearts out. With only 16 available to play due to illness and injury, the JV Girls' Soccer team had to draw on reserves of fitness against a well-matched opponent. 

Lily Krehbiel '25 enjoyed the opportunity to use her fine footwork to arc in a penalty kick at minute 32, allowing Proctor the so-far unusual experience of going off the field at halftime up 1-0. This culminated a first half surge that had seen the ball moving back and forth between halves through each team's possession. Coaches noted much improvement in getting the ball from midfield to the strikers, with Bella Eaton '22, Olivia Ames '23, and Thea Glass '24 putting much greater pressure on the Brewster goalkeeper than we had in our first game. Emma Harrell '25 contributed steadily to runs at the net. Most importantly, Proctor's offensive midfielders and strikers reversed the trend of the St. Paul's game, taking 10 shots on goal to Brewster's 9. Special mention goes to Nora Headley '23, who played the entire game in her first start in goal and recorded 8 saves.

As a faithful fan pointed out after the game, the team did not let up during the second half, maintaining their intensity for the final 35 minutes. Brewster came out renewed, and we got a tad complacent, allowing a defender's kick to carom off a Brewster striker and set up a goal early in the second half. Proctor then dug in, though, with continued momentum making it look as if Proctor were going to net another, either on one of three corner kicks in the second half -- most ably lofted by Morgan Hart Nibbrig '25, who played an outstanding game at stopper -- or on penalty kicks. Following Brewster's lead on this, we improved in our ability to use the sidelines to advance the ball, but we also found ourselves bunching in the middle more in the second half, in part due to more frequent subbing and shifting of positions as players came off the field gassed. Paige Makechnie '25 had another strong game at sweeper, relieved briefly there by Cade Wiley '25, who made a big difference in the second half defensively. Delaney Young '24 had an outstanding game, running her heart out to clear balls in the backfield and follow up by pushing forward -- one might have thought she was seeking to reprise her goal in the day before's scrimmage! We were thrilled with the defensive clearing to the sidelines and throw-ins that helped us move the ball regularly and deeply into Brewster's half.

Perhaps our most unpredictable and challenging matchup occurs in our first meeting with KUA this Friday. KUA has faced significant road losses so far this year, entering this game at 0-3. Proctor's JV Girls will want to create offensive opportunities, go to the ball, and strike with precision. We're looking forward to the contest and hope to welcome many fans to a Friday evening kickoff at 4:30 p.m. on Carr Road Field.
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