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Boys' Battle Falls Short

Proctor 1, KUA 2
We knew we had a big task in front of us as KU had been winning decisively and were again emerging as a top New England team, often scoring 3 or 4 goals with a clean sheet defensively. In front of a parents' weekend crowd on a windy pitch, the temps were mild and the bell rang before the teams went toe to toe.
Not happy to hunker down nor rope-a-dope, we looked to push forward with numbers in hopes of a more dynamic style of play as we prepped for this donnybrook.
Kimball’s possession game was controlled and patient as we knew, but it was just six minutes into the fray when central mids Trey Chickering (’22) and Eric Edmonds (’23) worked together until Edmonds unleashed a blistering, knuckling haymaker from 25 yards that scorched the KU twine. Kimball was surprised but undeterred.
After more possession and thirty minutes in, a high, arcing ball in front of our goal left a KUA player on the mat and the orange & black were awarded a PK. They delivered their punch & the score was knotted. Unbowed and smart in our position play, we conceded some outside jabs but the crafty KUA forwards saw few clear looks at our chin.
Just five minutes later, our defense, tough & under steady siege, couldn’t clear a ball and a striker pounced to pummel in the last goal of the day to give the home squad a 2-1 halftime edge.
The Proctor team showed their true colors on the day as most of the squad rolled through to help us absorb pressure and look for a counterattack. Of note, the backline of bruisers Aidan Botti (’22) and Tate Matte (’22) on the outside, plus central defenders Augie Oberting (’23) and Cal Wilby (’23) were inspiring on the day. Goalie Nick Flanigan (’22) had double-digit saves in a great effort.
In the 49th minute, we glimpsed a chance when Hornet striker Oz Atwood (’23) drew a foul in the KUA box, but their goalie made a glittering toe save to preserve the KUA lead. 
Our squad heard after the game how gritty, determined, resilient, and smart their play continues to define us. Never quitting, staying positive, and fighting for the full 90 minutes, our guys left a very strong team worried until the final whistle. We were proud in defeat.
We need to rebound against New Hampton for a road game on Wednesday before hosting Brewster for an anticipated rematch next Saturday. As always, the team appreciates the support and snacks provided by families after the game.
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