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Strengthening Connections: Jon Jon Around Him

There is an energy that Jon Jon brings to campus that is unlike any other. I am always thrilled to see his smiling face on campus. I was fortunate to spend a few pockets of time with him during his most recent visit. We shared a few meals and spent time together at the sweat lodge. Jon Jon is a proud man and a gifted teacher. He speaks with passion and great knowledge about Lakota traditions and beliefs. He is proud of the work he is doing at Proctor and frequently reminisces about the memories of how his father, John Around Him and friends Albert White Hat and George Emeny began this connection and how their commitment has carried down through another generation of White Hats and Around Hims continuing to educate our community in such an important way. I am so grateful and appreciative for the time, care and commitment Jon Jon pours into our little Proctor world!
~Raz Rasweiler, P ’15

When you’re so far away from home, it’s natural to become lonely, especially if you come from what feels like an entirely different world. When Jon Jon was here, I felt a great sense of comfort and happiness. His wisdom emanated off him and onto me, I am glad he came for a visit.
~Hailey LaPointe ’19, Sicangu Lakota

It is a gift to teach with John Around Him. John zeros in on some of the most contentious topics that we are currently wrestling with as a society—issues of race, privilege, and identity—with generosity and care. His gentleness and his good-natured approach create a non-judgmental atmosphere which allows students to share deeply and with conviction. One sign that John connects with our students is this: at the end of our last class together, a number of students broke out into muted, or maybe even awkward, applause; as if they knew it wasn’t customary to applaud after a regular class on a Thursday morning, but the conversation was so necessary, the applause couldn’t be helped.
~Tom Morgan, American Literature
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