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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Traveling to encounter a team we hadn't seen before, we knew only that Berwick Academy had blanked Holderness and Brewster, a true indication of how good Berwick's goalkeeper would prove. Despite playing most of the game in their half, we couldn't find the back of Brewster's net. Matching our own defense's prowess, Berwick was able effectively to clear balls and distribute them up into our midfield. While their defense could be challenged, Berwick's keeper made 10 good saves, including knocking down Lily Krehbiel's direct kick from about 20 out. 
For her part, Nora Headley made five good saves as our keeper, and her defense continued to crush it. Berwick's sole goal, late in the first half at 29:07, came across from the far right to sneak into the left side. As we've seen in earlier writeups, the strong defensive team of Paige Makechnie, Cade Wiley, Delaney Young, and Morgan Hart Nibbrig kept the ball mostly out of our half. Sophie Holland offered strong relief for the fullbacks. The midfielders used the lines well, with particularly strong throw-ins from Delaney and Lily. In addition to the usual hustle of Morgan, Lily, and Olivia, Katy Balch found her way outside effectively and took many efforts at sending the ball toward the net. Lauren Joachim took the final shot of the game, complementing the hustle of Thea Glass and Anna Gibson. Addie Pine had important minutes late in the first half and into the second, showing growth in ball control and confidence. As ever, Bella Eaton showed characteristic enthusiasm and zest for turning, crossing, and shooting.
I entitled this "Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda" because it is a game that easily could have gone the other way. These well-matched teams put on a lovely show of passing and hustle that reinforces why soccer is called "The Beautiful Game."
Look out for our Holderness hosting on the big turf on Saturday at 2:00, the Senior Game for Captains Bella Eaton and Kat Rice.
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