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Clowning around in front of Picasso's house.

EAC W'14 Week One

After a long red eye flight we made it to the London airport at 6am. We were just one more flight to Aix-en Provence. We arrived in Marseille at 10am to Dave and Jen standing outside the baggage claim.

photo: Jonathan Goodnow

All of us were exhausted but all were so excited to be in Europe that it didn’t matter how tired we were.

Once we pulled up to the house I was shocked that I could call this place my home for the next two months.

photo: JG

It overlooks a mountain range and we have 30 very excluded acres.

The first day we explored the town a little and got some French desserts for after dinner. We spent the weekend getting adjusted to the six hour time difference because we started class on Monday.

For this first time I found myself looking forward to a day of classes.

We spend the first part of everyday learning French, and then we have art history.

We take a small break then take the bus into town to have our literature class in a French cafe.

Sam Barrett and I had a memorable first lunch in Aix. We went to a restaurant that looked good. After struggling to explain to the waitress that we would like to eat inside, I knew this was going to be difficult. We managed to order two hamburgers. After eating we thought we would order dessert and decided to order some French crepes. Apparently fruit crepes and French fries sound very similar in French because to our surprise she brought out a big plate of more fries on top of the fries that we got with our entrée.

Look what Jonathan and Sam cooked up for us at dinner though.

This became Coq au Vin.

            On Tuesday we went on our first excursion and that was to a huge dam that provides water to all of Aix.

We painted the scene and were able to pack up and leave before the rain came.

And our next excursion was to a aqueduct that is still in use today. 

Photo: JG

            The days seem to be flying by and it’s hard to believe that it’s already Sunday and we have been here for over a week.

Photo: JG

It’s definitely going to be hard to leave Aix-en Provence in 8 weeks.

Everyone is excited for our first long excursion to Paris next Monday. We will take the high speed train into Paris that leaves right from Aix. 

In Arles...

In Marseille... Until next time, Connor Hollenbaugh
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  • Nan Cain
    Thanks for the great pictures! Wishing Tucker and his friends a wonderful experience, Have fun!
  • Ryan Graumann
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts from week on in Aix, Connor! From the stunning photos I can tell that you're already having an amazing term. Continue to enjoy! Besos y abrazos from all in Segovia (including María José, Rosa, and Ana y José Luis)!
  • lisa scarry
    Connor, thank you for sharing your amazing journey! all look so happy!...such an amazing place and a beautiful setting to paint!...can't wait to hear and see more of what you all are doing there!...sending you hugs!
  • Mark Tremblay
    Great post!
  • michele asch
    wow....looks gorgeous! Love the kids cooking. Michelle, I am looking forward to you cooking us a french dinner when you return. Love all of the "artist" picture too. Thanks for sending.
  • Ethney McMahon
    Jonathan, I would like to purchase a print of your photo of the street and trees. Beautiful shot.
  • Joyce Johnson
    Great photos! Thanks for the update.
  • Joan Saunders
    Oh to be in France! I am thrilled to see all of you and the fast infusion of life and work that brings you all together. France is a life changing place, and most of all, being in this group and learning from Jen and Dave is a magical, unbelievable way to study for 8 weeks. Bon Voyage! Great photos and blog Proctor folk.
  • Kyleigh Mercier
    Looks amazing....what an incredible experience!
  • john ferris
    Thanks for the update and sharing your excitement! Now share the recipe....I think a spring Coq au Vin in the dining hall would be perfect. Enjoy every moment and keep us posted. Best,
  • Valerie Ferris
    Keep the blogs coming! I love to see the photos and hear all about your wonderful adventure. Enjoy!
  • Erik Cole-Johnson
    Quelle chance! Bonjour à tous d'Andover!
  • Nina Kozain
    What an adventure! Thanks for the blog, Connor - I am sure that you now know how to order crepes! Good luck to the group!
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