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Magic Kingdoms

We knew--in 1998--that we were ahead of the curve by commiting to electronic communications. It was as if the stars were aligned: we had the talent in the office (and a connection to the start-up Internet Service Provider Whipplehill), permission from administration and the Board, and--by redirecting monies spent on magazines, newsletters and the Annual Report--the resources to become the first school (anywhere) to "push" customized webpages to specific constituencies. Today, fifteen years later, our communications model remains a prototype. Earlier this week, I spoke at the annual CASE/NAIS Conference about our methods and their success. The conference was in sunny Orlando, Florida. I returned to January in New Hampshire, with its ice, puddles, sanded walks and old snow.


on't get me wrong. I like it here. In fact, I prefer being here.


Central Florida is a wonderful place to visit in January: a boomtown of resorts, malls and fabricated communities where--only a few decades ago--wetlands stretched for hundreds and hundreds of miles, crossed by a few two-lane highways. Today it is a land of spotlessly clean, new automobiles and limousines on straight, four-lane highways; manicured lawns and golf courses shaded by palmettos; and billion-dollar tourist attractions. Central New Hampshire, by contrast, is a land of pine and hardwood forests; ancient, weathered mountains and natural lakes; and winding roads that connect scattered villages and a few post-industrial brick cities.


he sun hangs low on the horizon; shadows are long and blue. The polished faux-marble floors of a hotel a thousand miles to the south are replaced by linoleum and worn oak.

In recent decades, our campus has been shaped by "master planning," yet it retains the look and feel of the village that it was one hundred and thirty-five years ago, when John Proctor invested his fortune in his home town. 



Millions come to the Orlando area to experience things remarkable for their fabrication: trained killer whales; a microcosm of global cultures; a magic kingdom. Hundreds come to Andover, New Hampshire to experience things remarkable for their authenticity: stable, healthy relationships; positive, challenging expectations; support that enables us to anticipate success.





t's a kind of magic kingdom.


owen Brinegar '14 contributes this image of Aurora Borlealis taken over Elbow Pond:


agic, indeed!
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  • Travis Warren
    Great post Chuck!
  • Chuck Will
    Yes, Robert, I left those sordid details out. But thank you!
  • W.Robert Kmen
    Greetings to all from Florida: Chuck is quite right about the marked differences between NH and FL. In the Florida column, he could add: a state with over 1.15 million concealed carry permits, a place where you can be shot by an irate former police captain for texting during a movie, a state where the Pinellas County commission voted to remove fluoride from the water, the home of hanging chads and a governor who is intent on purging the voting lists of as many Blacks and Hispanics as possible, and the state that consumes 90% of the nation's oxycodone, but where the state's Attorney General and Governor are struggling to keep a medical marijuana question off the 2016 ballot despite the fact that polls show 82% of the population support the change. Even for a Republican like me, the sunshine comes at a high political price.
  • Peter Tehan
    I'd be proud of it too, Chuck. Awesome work! Continued thanks.
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