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So many roads…so many choices.  Photo: JG

EAC W'14 Week Two

Photo of Marseille - Jonathan Goodnow

I cannot believe it has already been three weeks here in France.

Photo of Marseille - J.G.

Where does the time go? So far, France has been nothing short of amazing.

Marseille Soap. Photo: J.G.

The food, the people, the scenery, all leave me speechless.

Photo of Chateau d’If, famous for The Count of Monte Cristo - J.G.

Photo: Michelle Asch

I have never been extremely artistic, but nothing makes you appreciate nature more than tediously recreating every little detail on a piece of canvas.

Photo: M.A.

Photo: M.A.

Photo: M.A.

Photo: M.A.

Last Tuesday we adventured out into the countryside to paint a small castle surrounded by a hillside town.

That in itself sounds amazing, but that was not even the half of it.

For me, the best part of that day was just stopping randomly in all of the little towns on the way there.

Photo: JG

When it comes to adventuring, we do not have an agenda.

Photo: JG

If we see something even remotely interesting, we will stop and check it out.

Photo: JG

The informality of it all is what does it for me. Going off the beaten path; going to places where you will never see any other tourists.

Photo: JG

There is nothing wrong with seeing the major tourist attractions, but sometimes to immerse yourself you need to branch out. Walk down that side street, take that dirt road, go off the trail, you never know what you will find.

In front of a huge hand made grape press for wine making.

Without spontaneity how can one’s life have any excitement? This is the mantra I’ve chosen to live by since my trip to Spain last year.

In Literature class at our Cafe.

Going on “promenades” with Dave only amplfies this spontaneity; if anyone appreciates an unexpected adventure it’s him.

Photo: JG

With that said, I am excited to see what kind of other crazy adventures this term has in store for us.

Our local simi-pro rugby team. We also have a pro team we haven't yet watched. Photo: JG

Sam "Atlas" Barrett holding up a Vasarely painting

Below, our leather travel sketchbooks in progress:


We head to Paris tomorrow, so until next time farewell from Aix.
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  • michele asch
    Love love love the pics! Painting, photography, drawing...shella you are becoming quite the artist!
  • rosa palomares
    Hola Sam!!!! te echamos de menos en Segovia...... (I miss you in Segovia) ... muchos besos
  • Mikaela Bolduc
    Salut Sam! J'adore les photos et surtout ton écriture! We are thrilled that you are in Europe again using your linguistic and artistic talents! Besos y abrazos from Ryan, MariaJo, Rosa, and me!
  • Douglas Houston
    I love seeing the students making art! :) Great program !!!!!
  • Big Fan
    nice images in the blog, pixel and textal. about lines... the line in the blog about 'never having been very artistic' reminds me of the line of thought in this older TED talk, that Phil shared with me a little while ago and which was then posted on to faculty, as it is very much in line with our conversation here about the Profile of a Proctor Graduate and the need to make sure 'creativity' is central in that profile... problem solving, seeing things a different way, figuring things out, curiosity ...all much the same thing... Maybe you already saw that TED...'kids who don't know will have a go.'...the story about the girl painting a picture of God... free of the worry about making mistakes and opening up the opportunity to discover something new. Among the other things happening in France...that's one of them....that's one way EAC (and much of what we do on and of campus, though some would say especially off) the program plays a role in graduating kids with these Profile Qualities we are zeroing in on. Best to All -
  • john Ferris
    The photos are fantastic!!! The sense and appreciation of adventure....wonderful! Thank you!
  • Erik Cole-Johnson
    Salut Sam, et bon blog! Les opportunités pour l'aventure que vous avez sont incroyables! J'aime bien les photos Jonathan, Michelle! Parlez-vous beaucoup de français? Profitez-en! A plus! Buongiorno a Abby & Tucker!
  • brenda Godwin
    Nice pictures, Sam. Miss you!
  • Scott Allenby
    Great thoughts and pictures. Thank you for sharing!
  • Alan McIntyre
    I love the statement/mantra: "Without spontaneity how can one’s life have any excitement?" The images and comments are inspiring. I am impressed with the photos, the journey and the sketchbooks- Sweet! Relish the journey! Sophie - can't wait to see your finished products - Wow!
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